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Also, I feel like it’s something people probably don’t wanna talk about, but a lot of Reddit’s appeal is in NSFW content - so a NSFW instance would also likely increase users.

People are not happy at DDG filtering their web results as they feel they should be able to decide for themselves what is fake news and what is real.

That being said, their results are not the best. I would probably recommend MetaGer.

I know Mojeek have their own database of pages that are not taken from Google or Bing or anywhere else.

So, I assume there’s not an Electron alternative that is able to port internet desktop applications without any privacy or resource issues?

*EDIT: Conversation [here](*. <br><br> This is a relatively old story now, but I thought I would post about it, as I haven't seen anyone else do the same on this community. <br> For those that don't know, **DuckDuckGo's** CEO & founder **Gabriel Weinberg** posted the following on his Twitter: ![]( <br><br> Would love to know the community’s thoughts. Personally, I don't think this is a big deal - all search engines have to favour certain results over others... it's the intrinsic state of a search engine - although I know some people are rather upset.

Ahhh, I see; so, essentially, a combination of both resources and privacy.

I often see people talking about the fact that they like a certain open-source application, but '**it's a shame it's on Electron**'; what does this mean? Is it a privacy thing or a resource thing?

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank-you very much.

Do they have statistics pages though? With subject-specific data? And do they offer timers and countdowns that aren’t restricted to pomodoro timers? Cause that’s what I need.

Partially. But most people, myself included, use it to track the ratio and statistics of their studying. For example, I like to check the stats page to ensure I’m not spending too much time studying one thing and not enough time studying another. Additionally, I like to make sure I’m studying a consistent amount from one month/week/year to another so I can ensure I’m not dropping off.

EDIT: found one - [Goodtime]( *(thanks [user](* [Forest]( is an Android and iOS app (and web addon) that lets you track the amount of time you have spent studying. I just it to track how much time I've spent studying from month-to-month and from subject-to-subject (through using tags). I don't know that there is an open-source alternative but if there is, that would be amazing. I am about to be finished with college for the summer and so will have time to potentially develop an app if there isn't already one. <br><br> **Requirements**: - timer option - countdown option - tags (for specific subjects or activities) - statistics page with weekly, monthly, and annual views **Nice Features to Have**: - study together option - number of people currently studying

Fantastic list! I would love to find an open-source, decentralised alternative to iMDB/Letterboxd for tracking movies. If anyone knows of one, let me know!

There’s a similar table-style website like this but for messengers; do you have it? Cause I saw it once and haven’t been able to find it again.

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I second this; Zorin is amazing

I haven’t tried this yet but if it works, it’s groundbreaking.