Want to migrate over from Snaps to Flatpaks on your Linux machine? Well, unsnap is a new tool in the early stages that will help you do just that.
Arthur Besse
5urte bat

There are currently six companies listed here, but, the important thing is that the flatpak client software can install things from places other than flathub (and the server-side software running flathub is free software).

The snapcraft server-side software is closed source, and even if someone reimplemented it they would also need to fork the snapd client software as the snapcraft URLs are hardcoded and not reconfigurable.

urte bat

I’m surprised not to see Valve there, given how important Flatpaks are for the Deck.

I also didn’t see a donate button. Any way we can pitch in or help?

Arthur Besse
urte bat

You could ask on their forum or matrix channel. I just noticed that neither GNOME Foundation nor RedHat are listed on that about page, both of whom iirc are actually very involved. This post says “GNOME has a donor who is interested in supporting financial sustainability for app developers and removing barriers to an inclusive ecosystem. Flathub would like to use these funds to work with a contractor for a short-term project and make steps towards supporting application developers being able to request payments (whether donations or subscriptions).”

edit: reading more of that thread, I see another recent funder (possibly the aforementioned GNOME funder?) is “Endless Network”… inventors of “The World’s First Pay-As-You-Go PC” 🤦

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