• @PolandIsAStateOfMind@lemmy.ml
    -32 years ago

    Let’s just say so much: At least Ukrainian neonazis are not elected in their parliament, opposed to those in France, Germany, Italy, you name it.

    This comment left me baffled, are you think all this official bandera worship is not done by their parliament and government or you do correctly not recognize the coup clique as democratic? Friendly reminder that they banned all political parties that even could not support them.

    Also EU having neonazi problem to the point they enter their parliaments is reinforcing rather my arguments than yours, since we look at massive fascist resurgence across entire continent and what we see now is precisely consequence of this.

    If Ukraine is a neonazi US puppet state, who isn’t?

    Nice try but no. Ukraine is neonazi as evidenced by their fascist politics and literal fucking nazi banderist worship happening there on all levels of government. I won’t even mention large amounts of nazi iconography presented by their military.

    Who isn’t? For starters every country targeted by USA by definition is not their puppet. Also large numbers of countries not aligning their politics with USA. Who isn’t neonazi? For example USA. It’s fascist, but not neonazi. EU also isn’t neonazi (yet). There’s currently only one neonazi country, that is Ukraine. Latvia and Estonia are also close, but those lacks the fascist politics, even though they have neonazi worship problem on official levels. India also have fascist government but hindutva is their local brand so it’s not neonazism (it also is not US puppet).

    That is probably the broadest definition of self defence in a long time. “Your honour, it all started when the other one punched back.”

    And here you are very hurt when i say you are shilling for UA. Considering you have been also accusing me for “conspiracy theories” it’s clear at this point you aren’t taking in any good faith.

    • @Aarkon@feddit.de
      12 years ago

      You are throwing tinfoil hat slang at me. Who is the “coup clique” in your world? Or wait, I’d rather not know, I’ve got better things to do with my time.

      EU having neonazi problem

      That is not what I said. We’ve seen an uprise over some years, but in Germany for instance, the right wing’s growth has stopped since a few years. Also, the more say the right wingers have, the more friendly they act towards Russia.

      Ukraine is neonazi

      Ukraine’s president is Jewish and their Nazis are not elected to their parliament. That’s my point: You say that EU is not neonazi, but Ukraine is. And shall we have a look hat Nazi iconography display among Russia’s military? Your stuff just doesn’t fit. Unless you’ve been overtaken by the Russian standpoint that everybody is a Nazi who doesn’t agree with “Mother Russia”, even declared antifascists and anti-nazists.

      Other than that, you’re drawing arbitrary lines and buzzing up thin air.

      you have been also accusing me for “conspiracy theories”

      I know a pattern when I see one. Attributing all evil in the world to the US is one of them.

    • Lien Rag
      12 years ago

      @PolandIsAStateOfMind @Aarkon

      Ukraine certainly has a very serious nazi problem and is putting it under the rug rather than even pretending to adress it, even before it had to rely on said nazis to defend the frontline. And I’m getting real sick of the #notallnazis argumentation from liberals.
      But saying that Ukraine is a neonazi regime is plainly false, and putinian propaganda (Putin being himself very nazi-friendly, BTW).

      • If you restrict neonazism to literal imitation of Hitler and murdering Jews in gas chambers then it wouldn’t be. But it’s undoubtedly fascist regime akin to Pinochet junta, only less literally militaristic (giving them benefit of doubt even though war rages on for 8 years, although i have doubt how much exactly Ukraine government have control over the army now). What make them specifically neonazi is the offcial banderist worship and very strong presence of literal hitlerites in the army.

        Anyway that point isn’t especially important, it’s mostly to point out the astounding hypocrisy of the west, especially western “leftists”. UA regime would be equally awful even ignoring it. If anything i prefer open neonazis that the socialfascist scum pretending to be leftists.

        But saying that Ukraine is a neonazi regime is plainly false, and putinian propaganda

        No it isn’t, even western media widely reported the spread of neonazism and the banderist worship. Hell, even UA is proud of the last thing and not very secretive about the first.

        Putin being himself very nazi-friendly

        I don’t see Russia building Vlasov and Kaminski statues.