X.Org is now pretty much an ex-org: Maintainer declares the open-source windowing system largely abandoned
X.Org is now pretty much an ex-org: Maintainer declares the open-source windowing system largely abandoned
'X works extremely well for what it is, but what it is is deeply flawed'

Old, and most probably already seen.

To me Wayland, for those not using gnome/kde and are not into tiling compositors, things are not quite stable yet. I hope Xorg is here to stay for long.

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It may be abandoned but it still does everything I want. I am not anti Wayland but have yet to have a real reason to switch to it.

I’ve been using Wayland for about a year now and with basically no issues. Some exceptions with some older software I had to run to configure something nonstandard, but that is a very rare exception. When the support for Wayland on Wine is merged, I will have no reason to even use XWayland anymore.

To me Wayland, for those not using gnome/kde and are not into tiling compositors, things are not quite stable yet. I hope Xorg is here to stay for long.

I mean yeah sure, even just KDE/Gnome is most of the desktop Linux users and if you include tiling window managers I would guess you are at about 90% of users. Sure, even in the world of tiling window managers your options are more limited than with X, but even just this past year the situation improved dramatically.

Personally, I would say for most of the users, the Wayland is ready and is just getting better with more features (things like HDR support).

Since Ubuntu 18.04 (now 22.04) I have kept trying and forcing myself to try and use Wayland. Nope. Wayland is not ready yet. Still on X.

Even with “built for Wayland” Tiling compositors, it’s still flakey. I had to abandon it most recently because I couldn’t get scaling to work properly with a status bar; font scaling was just fucked in general.

I keep trying it every few months, but I have to go back to X after a week or so.

X may be abandoned, but it’s stable, reliable, fast, and it works. Wayland has a way to go on all these fronts. For being a fresh, “clean” codebase, I’d expect it to be better in one of these areas.

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I agree with the guy about how Wayland might be able to catch up if X was already being sunset. Especially now that even Nvidia is being more supportive of their Linux drivers. While not a great example, Microsoft being super aggressive about making it clear about all versions of Windows lower than 10 being dead. And while I only deal with consumer level computer repairs. I have seen how much those alerts cause lots of people to come in with their Windows 7 and 8 PCs to have 10 installed. Same goes for Adobe finally releasing the final “update” for Flash (which was just an uninstaller) after so many years of pushing back the end of life due to companies not being ready. It took them finally doing it to really move people over to HTML5. Though X is worth keeping patched for both current systems and for being able to run reverse compatible programs on new hardware.

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The thing with Wayland, is that if you don’t use gnome/kde/tiling-compositors, your options are pretty limited, actually the closest to an independent stacking compositor would be wayfire.

You can make things work, but with a lot of nuances here and there, to the point you get tired of dealing with them… gtk4 not paying attention to GDK_DPI_SCALE, no file manager recognizing gvs except for nautilus, which guess what, it’s already gt4, electron apps built on top of latest (22) electron and gtk3, not paying attention to GDK_DPI_SCALE either, wf-shell doesn’t offer tray, and waybar does, but waybar doesn’t offer a launcher button, but wf-shell does, and so on…

I actually recently got around a week trying to make myself comfortable with wayland, but for me it lags behind from Xorg.

But perhaps the author is right, and if Xorg would have been dropped altogether, wayland would be in better shape, but that we won’t ever know… On the other hand who knows if someone would have forked it, or revive it after noticing too many users complaining. It’s been many years since its introduction, and wayland is still not up to being a workable replacement for Xorg for a good amount Xorg users (usually not considered in the bulk numbers though). Every now and then I try it, when reminding myself of this “the register” post, but haven’t gotten to the point of really wanting to migrate…

Hopefully things will change, but till then, I really hope Xorg keeps it up.

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