What reasons do they give for liking him?

From what i’ve seen, left and right wingers dislike him. Which has a lot of potential for bridging divides to defeat the 1%.

In May 2017, a member said that Redneck Revolt had reached out to groups such as the 3 Percenters, a predominantly right-wing group, with whom they have some common ground.[21] The practice of openly carrying firearms and a shared interest in guns has led to dialogs with right-wing militias.[7][11] Van Sant wrote in March 2018 that “[t]hrough patient dialogue and popular education, several Redneck Revolt chapters have been able to challenge the white nationalist ideologies of these right-wing libertarian militias and flip them away from anti-immigrant and pro-capitalist positions”.

  • Rocky McDonald
    12 years ago

    We do not need to “bridge divides” to defeat the 1%. We need to defeat the 1% by any means necessary.