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Announcing /c/ModelRevolution
Clearly most of us are still living in this capitalism system that we dislike. Many of us have read theory. But very few of us have participated in any simulation to practice that theory. This sub aims to change that. See https://lemmy.ml/post/150552

i think it’ll better serve the foss community if we leave the subreddit unlocked. That way users will post content there, which will increase subscriptions which should increase the number of users who see the referal links.

Did your financial situation improve after you begun co-habitating with a romantic partner?
Improve being you got more wealth. If yes, roughly, by how much? Cross posting from hexbear https://www.hexbear.net/post/163818

Use lemmy/fediverse as your pastebin
cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/27635 > text storage sublemmy, it can be used to help promote lemmy by linking to c/pastebin over say a commercial pastebin website

Announcing: c/pastebin
text storage sublemmy, it can be used to help promote lemmy by linking to c/pastebin over say a commercial pastebin website

Announcing: c/ Ominous Music
What is ominous music? I'm not sure really, But it should have an evil air to it. [Example](https://matrix-client.matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/converser.eu/ywlEufDOHsShWlqMAWzNnQwo) Is there a better term for this? Ominous (adj): Specifically, giving indication of a coming ill; being an evil omen

A supposed explanation that made a user go from anti fediverse to at somewhat favorable to the fediverse
They're talking about lemmy, but you can basically ctrl F replace if you're talking to someone about a different fediverse. --- #Q: So this is basically like making your own subreddits but with the differences that: 1) Subreddit owners have to pay to host their own subreddit 2) Subreddit owners can harvest private user data since they are the ones hosting the subreddit and the database 3) Site-wide rules don't apply, only subreddit rules. 4) Crossposting between subreddits in the form of "interacting with other instances" Idk man, this sounds like making your own website using premade libraries and code and then also paying for the hosting fees, but with extra steps. #A: Not exactly. An instance is more like a full Reddit than a sub-reddit. Communities can be created within an instance by the users. So the host is paying to host their own reddit, not their own subreddit. 1) Any user of an instance can create their own community, so it is not necessary to host to have your own "sub-reddit". The host of the instance pays for the hosting. You can create a community on any of the instances already available at [https://join.lemmy.ml/](https://join.lemmy.ml/) without hosting. 2) Yes. The host of any online service can harvest user data if they want. This is one of the reasons to encourage users to host their own instances. When we use free services we are paying with our data, and we can choose to pay with money instead. It turns out that is cheaper than a monthly subscription to a video-streaming platform! Furthermore, isolated user data about a small group of users from an instance is not particularly valuable, so the incentive to collect such data is small. The data gathered by centralized social media websites is valuable because of its massive scale, which allows powerful analyses to be performed on it. 3) Each instance is an independent site, so rules may be enforced over all of the subreddits within a particular instance, as well as rules for interacting with that instance. There are no universal rules applying to all instances. 4) Not quite. I can create my own reddit, and you can create your own reddit. Perhaps one of your users creates a subreddit called /r/RedditAlternatives and one of the users in my instance (or me) is interested in it. The user can follow /r/RedditAlternatives, post to it, and comment, just as if it existed in the same website. > > >Idk man, this sounds like making your own website using premade libraries and code and then also paying for the hosting fees, but with extra steps. Yes, this is precisely what it is. And the website is a federated Reddit alternative.

What percentage of your income goes towards your rent? / Do you own your home?
Just wondering how we stack up compared to other forums As of jan 1, 2022, the answers here are: 13 ppl pay =< 33% of monthly income on rent / property tax 6 ppl pay > 33% of monthly income on rent / property tax

Fantastic work! My critique:

Keep it simple, keep it dumb. Also, i believe part of the reason twitter became so successful is bc that 200 character limit or whatever is similar to people’s attention span. Decentralised description is too complex for a lot of people, something like:

Decentralized means there are multiple servers that hold data rather than one server. Each server has a different owner.

cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/16075 > Any kind of partnership. Ex, crossposting without having to worry about being marked as spam due to advertising another service. Ex 2, listing each other's community in the sidebar etc.

cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/16047 > A friend is trying to set up a bot to crosspost from r/antiwork2 (reddit) to here and from here (c/antiwork) to antiwork2. Though if anyone has a fully operational crossposting bot, let me know! > > But in the mean while, cross post from here to r/antiwork2 and make a mention somewhere in the post that the post is from c/antiwork. Also could crosspost from r/antiwork2 to here.

Aren't decentralized federated services like lemmy anarchism?
Since there is no one ruling body or party

the more ppl who message the mods sometring similar, the more likely success is

Is there anyone who likes jeff bezos?
What reasons do they give for liking him? From what i've seen, left and right wingers dislike him. Which has a lot of potential for bridging divides to defeat the 1%. > In May 2017, a member said that Redneck Revolt had reached out to groups such as the 3 Percenters, a predominantly right-wing group, with whom they have some common ground.[21] The practice of openly carrying firearms and a shared interest in guns has led to dialogs with right-wing militias.[7][11] Van Sant wrote in March 2018 that "[t]hrough patient dialogue and popular education, several Redneck Revolt chapters have been able to challenge the white nationalist ideologies of these right-wing libertarian militias and flip them away from anti-immigrant and pro-capitalist positions".

Tutanota spends a long time trying to establish connection with server if i mark a few messages as read/unread in quick succession
Any fixes? "The server is processing your request, please be patient" -> this message won't go away unless i refresh the page.

Has anyone used Yarn.social? Give me your review
It looks like a mastodon alternative. I'm not sure why anyone would use it, or if it's even fediverse. It might be equivalent to [matrix] as fediverse, aka if matrix is fedi, then yarn.social might be fedi.

i 2nd this. As well as making lemmy instances federate togther better/faster

What does unforking mean? I read the post and don’t follow.

They are going from hexbear.exe to hexlemmybear.exe basically?

personally, i’d just jump ship to lemmy and not have to deal with those extra steps. I haven’t opened up a mastodon acct for the same reason