Sounds like a good default but also seconding having options


Maybe it would also make sense to delete non used accounts? It seems like there are a lot of old test accounts from the times that probably have not logged in since then.


The absent accounts don’t bother me too much (you won’t ever see them), but absent communities do. We have a TON of cases of community squatting: people making then immediately abandoning communities. I have a query to find recent activity in a community (posts or comments), but we need to come up with a time frame (no activity in 3 months? 6 months? a year?) for that too.

I think there’s a clear distinction between an active community that at some point becomes inactive, and an empty community that has never been active. So different thresholds should be applied in these cases.


Yes true, but the OP problems comes from the fact that subscriber numbers are inflated with abandoned accounts I would guess.

Yeah I kinda like this idea but I think the best would be to be able to sort communities either by one or the other.


It would be nice to be able to sort by clicking on “subscribers”, “users/month”, “posts”, etc.


I’ll make an issue for it.

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