Many Linux programmers use the find command every single day of their career. But find gives a limited set of filesystem entries, and if you have to do a large set of find operations, it's not even very fast. So instead, I prefer to use the Rust fd command because it provides sensible defaults that work for most use cases.
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Uhhh… why? Stuff like find, ls and cat aren’t supposed to be feature rich you know.

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The title should have been “consider switching”. That said ripgrep (one example of a unix tool taken next-level) is literally a game changer.

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I love how many rust tools are replacing these old C ones. exa for ls, ripgrep for grep, fd for find, dust for du, btm for htop…

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Cheers for that list. Nice. I’d like to use exa, rg, fd more often, and install everywhere.

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