I’ve noticed that, unfortunately, Frost is becoming less and less functional. More pages give error, and the chat isn’t working properly either. It seems like it’s finally puttering out from inactive maintenance as FB continues to grow and change.

Are there and active forks of it that work? Are there any good alternatives to Frost?

Note: I’d prefer not to use FB at all, but I have to in order to stay in contact with family and others who cling to it. I’m sure you understand.

  • @Zerush@lemmy.ml
    41 year ago

    It is a pretty big problem. There are front-ends for almost any social network or streamin sites like YT, except for FB, because Facebook includes codes that hinder and avoid eventual front-ends, forcing the user to visit FB, yes or yes, in order to track and profile him. The only way to avoid it is to use all kinds of blockers, VPNs or the like. I personally avoid visiting it as much as possible, but it is true that sometimes it is impossible to avoid it. Therefore, apart from the usual blockers, I use Portmaster in the system. It is also recommended to use Site Bleacher in the browser.

  • d-RLY?
    21 year ago

    Aside from seeing some possible options on https://alternativeto.net/software/frost-for-facebook/?p=1 (most seem to be free but proprietary or freemium). But if you only need it to basically just interact with some friends/family. Why not just use the website for the times you need it? Are there some specific set of features in Frost that are must haves? As I imagine that FB will keep tweeking things in order to make thrid-party apps/sites harder to function. I will say that the official Lite version of the chat app is much better than the full version (I like the idea of the chat heads, but got tired of them getting in my way). It seems to use less of my battery when I do end up using it.

    • chebra
      31 year ago

      @dRLY @yourliftingfriend

      Unfortunately the mobile version of facebook is crippled on purpose, forcing users to install the app.

      But one possibility is to use matrix server with a facebook bridge, and then use the matrix client app on your phone to talk to your facebook contacts.

      • @Zerush@lemmy.ml
        61 year ago

        Not only crippled, the app has shown in the past to activate mic and cam without autorization. Its directly spyware. It has 65 permissions in the Phone to intercept almost everything. Exodus Privacy analytics of FB app

        • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION access approximate location only in the foreground

        • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION access precise location only in the foreground

        • ACCESS_MEDIA_LOCATION read locations from your media collection

        • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE view network connections

        • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE view Wi-Fi connections



        • BROADCAST_STICKY send sticky broadcast

          • CAMERA take pictures and videos
        • CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE change network connectivity

        • CHANGE_WIFI_STATE connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi


        • FOREGROUND_SERVICE run foreground service

          • GET_ACCOUNTS find accounts on the device
        • GET_TASKS retrieve running apps

        • INTERNET have full network access


        • MANAGE_OWN_CALLS route calls through the system

        • MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS change your audio settings

        • NFC control Near Field Communication


          • READ_CALENDAR Read calendar events and details
          • READ_CONTACTS read your contacts
          • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE read the contents of your shared storage


        • READ_PHONE_STATE read phone status and identity

        • READ_PROFILE

        • READ_SYNC_SETTINGS read sync settings

        • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED run at startup

          • RECORD_AUDIO record audio
        • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW This app can appear on top of other apps

        • USE_BIOMETRIC use biometric hardware

        • USE_FINGERPRINT use fingerprint hardware

        • USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT display notifications as full screen activities on a locked device

        • VIBRATE control vibration

        • WAKE_LOCK prevent phone from sleeping

        • WRITE_CALENDAR add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners’ knowledge

        • WRITE_CONTACTS modify your contacts

        • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE modify or delete the contents of your shared storage

        • -WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS toggle sync on and off

        • RECEIVE

        • INSTALL_SHORTCUT install shortcuts

        • BILLING






        • FEO2

        • AD_ID







        If visiting FB from the PC is already a toothache, from the mobile it is sending your Curriculum vitae directly to Zuckerbot.