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Leaving Lemmy
I don't like the reasons why people get banned here. Just for expressing a political view or saying that they eat meat. I may come back when there is a more welcoming instance with active users. So long.

A quick treat I enjoy is: a couple handful of unfrozen berries, handful of dry fruit, handful of nuts mix, coconut milk and honey.

Trouble with torrent
Lately qbittorrent is only working with the most seeded torrents. And all other torrents don't work. Also while before it could find around 30 nodes lately it doesn't find any nodes, and sometimes the connection status says there are problems with the connection. I don't remember changing any settings so I don't know why the change in speed. The settings I have selected which I think may influence this are: - Peer connection protocol: TCP and uTP - Use UPnP (I've checked it works on the router) - Enable DHT - Enable Peer Exchange - Enable Local Peer Discovery It's very annoying because I see hundreds of seeds and peers but the download never starts.

I’ll buy them when they do them right, with a hermetically closed helmet and a mouth opening for an HEPA filter. But it has to look like this

Just joking

I’ll believe this is real when there are artificial gills like the ones the jedi use to breath underwater. Otherwise it’s probably just a filter, same as the face masks.

Me too. And the higher the capacities, the faster the costs will drop.

Toshiba on 10 February 2022

26TB HDD in about 4 months time as well as a 30TB drive in 2023, followed by a whopping 40TB or more drive in five years time.

Seagate Confirms Ongoing Work On MASSIVE 30TB, 50 TB, 100 TB HDDs

According to Seagate

The 30 TB and 50 TB drives are expected to come within the next five years, and the 100 TB drives are due by 2030.

Seagate’s new hard drives show it’s on track to deliver 50TB HDDs by 2026

Blockchains only work for very small databases though, right?

What software has a database shared between users?
I want to know if there is any software that allows multiple users to make changes in the same database, without the database being centralized. Every user would have a copy of the database and changes from one user would apply to all copies. Either that or there are users that act as servers and the rest as clients. For example users which are somehow considered trustworthy or have a high uptime would be servers.

I’ve tried multiple instances. I’ll keep trying I guess at some point it will work.

Can you listen to music on FunkWhale?
I haven't managed to listen to music on FunkWhale yet. I've tried a few times but I only see it loading.

Does it support Piped? I’m using Privacy Redirect and I’m missing that.

I would like something like this that selects the instance with the best latency.

List of useful fediverse links
- [https://fediverse.space/instances](https://fediverse.space/instances): find instances, users, insularity - [https://fediverse.observer/](https://fediverse.observer/): find a fediverse server close to you - https://fediverse.party/ - [https://joinfediverse.wiki/](https://joinfediverse.wiki/): info about the fediverse - [Fediverse Visualization](https://kumu.io/wakest/fediverse) - [https://gofoss.net/fediverse/](https://gofoss.net/fediverse/): description of the fediverse platforms - [Lemmy instances](https://join-lemmy.org/) - [PeerTube instances](https://instances.joinpeertube.org/instances) - https://sepiasearch.org/, search PeerTube videos, channels and playlists. - [BookWyrm instances](https://joinbookwyrm.com/) - https://apps.disroot.org/ - https://snopyta.org/ - https://www.chatons.org/en - https://libreho.st/ - https://framasoft.org/en/ - https://the-federation.info/ Help me make a list of useful fediverse links.

What do you sync between linux and android?
I was configuring syncthing and I don't know if it would be better to sync specific files that I need or just sync the whole android storage into a folder in my computer so that I can modify anything from it. What do you sync between linux and android?

Content suggestion software?
Proprietary software is usually good at this but I don't know of any open source software with content suggestion. I had music in mind right now, but I'm curious about all other media as well.

This gets fixed by restarting the network manager. In my case with:

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

Having issue with torrent after using tor
I use archtorify to have tor system-wide, and after clearing it and going back to normal traffic, I try to use torrent but it doesn't work. I've tried with a couple of bittorrent clients with no luck. With the browser happens the same but it gets fixed if I restart the network manager. Any idea of what might be happening and how can I fix this issue?

You can only use small sentences when using coqui-TTS. They should mention that somewhere in the repo, but they don’t. I thought it would be just passing a text file and getting an audio file like tts < input.txt > output.wav. But it only works if the text file is divided in small enough sentences which makes it impractical for most cases.

Because I don’t trust canonical as much as the developers of Linux Mint.

Find the snappiest instance
I don't know an automatic way of doing this. Here is what I've done. I've copied every link for FunkWhale from https://fediverse.space/instances and pasted it into the command below until I've found the one with the lowest latency and that's the one that I'll be using. ``` curl -s -w 'Testing Website Response Time for :%{url_effective}\n\nLookup Time:\t\t%{time_namelookup}\nConnect Time:\t\t%{time_connect}\nPre-transfer Time:\t%{time_pretransfer}\nStart-transfer Time:\t%{time_starttransfer}\n\nTotal Time:\t\t%{time_total}\n' -o /dev/null https://audio.liberta.vip/ Testing Website Response Time for :https://audio.liberta.vip/ Lookup Time: 0.038989 Connect Time: 0.086622 Pre-transfer Time: 0.206103 Start-transfer Time: 0.282754 Total Time: 0.282889 ```

When removing content, instead of deleting the content itself and leaving the username, it would be nice to have the option to leave the content and replace the username for a ghost or community user.

I chose it because it’s like a community fork of ubuntu, so if I have any problem, since many people use ubuntu, I’ll find a solution easily. And ubuntu is based on debian which is considered very stable and used for most servers.

What are the pros and cons of docker and VM for hosting a server on my personal computer?
I want to self host some services offered by HomelabOS in my personal computer. What are the pros and cons of doing it on a virtual machine vs doing it directly on my computer with the dockers that HomelabOS installs? There are some services that I would like to make public like Funkwhale.

Can multiple people connect to the same user at the same time?
I'm making a home server and I wonder if two people can connect through ssh to the same user at the same time.

How can I select which snapshots I want to keep in Timeshift?
Timeshift deletes the oldest snapshots by default. But what if I want to keep a snapshot where I've just installed and configured a system, and I wouldn't want that snapshot deleted?

Sorting the communities by what I want. Right now it’s fixed at users/month

Looking for ideas for a tag based file manager I want to make.
I'm looking for ideas and similar projects. Which language, framework, database, etc. would you use? `README.md` # Jedi Archives Curate and review all kinds of files. #### Features - File manager with tags instead of hierarchical structure. - Implement Both web and GUI. - GUI. It would be simpler to use default applications to run files. - Web it would be nice to self-host and allow users to access online without installing. - Have other fields besides tags, like dates, etc. - Be able to filter with an advanced search. Using multiple fields and logical operators. - All files are scanned and tagged with a shared metadata database. - By default the metadata for every tagged file is automatically uploaded to a shared database. - There is an edit history to recover the correct tags, in case a user messes the database. - Duplicate finder. - Group users with similar interests and provide content suggestion. - Use torrent under tor like tribler (?). - Autoseed files with the least health by torrent. If each tracked file was seeded it would probably crash (?) - Every user is a mod. There is a score based piramid-like structure so that all database changes need to be approved by a user with higher score. #### Guides: - [Rust Web Development Tutorial: REST API](https://cloudmaker.dev/how-to-create-a-rest-api-in-rust/) #### Libraries: - Choose the GUI library: [link](https://www.slant.co/improve/topics/29898/~gui-libraries-for-rust), [link](https://dev.to/davidedelpapa/rust-gui-introduction-a-k-a-the-state-of-rust-gui-libraries-as-of-january-2021-40gl) - [Web framework](https://www.slant.co/topics/5733/~web-frameworks-for-rust): - Backend: Actix, Diesel. - Frontend: Inferno, Typescript. - Search for a torrent library. [cratetorrent](https://github.com/mandreyel/cratetorrent/) - Choose an [advanced search library](https://lemmy.ml/post/183491). - [Magnet2Torrent](https://github.com/LordAro/Magnet2Torrent) #### Similar projects: - [etiquette](https://github.com/voussoir/etiquette), tag-based file organizer & search. Web, Flask and SQLite3. - [tocc](https://tocc.aidinhut.com/), a Tool for Obsessive Compulsive Classifiers. C++. - [beets](https://beets.readthedocs.io/), the media library management system for obsessive music geeks. Python. - [calibre](https://calibre-ebook.com/), ebook manager. - [lib.reviews](https://lib.reviews/), a free/libre code and information platform for reviews of anything. Web, JavaScript, Handlebars. - [TMSU](https://tmsu.org/) lets you tag your files and then access them through a nifty virtual filesystem from any other application. - [tagf](https://github.com/elkhanib/tagf), tag your files and folders to make them easier to find. go. - [tagfs](https://github.com/harshhemani/tagfs), Tag based file manager written in python (Currently a CLI). Python. - [carpo](https://github.com/LarryHsiao/carpo_rs), A tool to tag and search files. - [czkawka](https://github.com/qarmin/czkawka), multi functional app to find duplicates, empty folders, similar images, etc. Rust. #### Similar - https://lemmy.ml/post/58896/comment/46694 #### TODO: - [ ] Create the database schema, take a look at beets, calibre, etc. - [ ] Adding data to the database. - [ ] [Full text search](https://lemmy.ml/post/183491) functionality.

Is there a translation extension for firefox that just works?
There are many translation extensions but you have to press a button for it to work. I would like to be able to select a language and just see everything translated in that language automatically.

You should not be using the report button for something that needs to be addressed by the admins
I've gotten a few reports regarding a comment by [@YouWillNeverBeAWoman@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/YouWillNeverBeAWoman) because people don't like the name. Just wanted to let you know that you should contact the admins for those things, otherwise you'd have to report the same person in every community and expect every mod to ban the person.