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I think the devs themselves have said that they don’t want to get popular for the sake of popularity. So organic growth and aa healthy community is what they are going for.

Be a rebel, make hyperlinks green.

I thought that was listed in the Github readme?

Tbh just hiding inactive communities would be good.

I want to keep their moderation strong like it is now and have more instances get created that can cater to a different form of moderation. That way you can have an instance with communities focused on for fun aspects and another for more political things. Right now it feels like is the main flagship instance primarily and the others are kind of just there. Imo of course.

This is neat. It should be crosspostedd to opensourcegames I think.

I am fairly certain that has not been setup yet at all for Lemmy. It is something that is expected to come later. I am going entirely off memory though. I could be wrong.

How biotechnology will change our future from Dr. Robert’s blog
Pretty neat to think how 3D printed organs are just around the corner.

From my understanding it is hardcoded into the source code. Not sure how hard it would be to remove if you ran the site yourself.

I don’t see how that is challenging for users unless they are so lazy that they won’t even change any setting on their device regardless of how annoyed they are. If the app has a directory of instances with their bios linked it can make it easier for them.

Why would it always be better in terms of UX? Nothing is stopping a decentralized system from having good intuitive UIs.

Why is “User password has no character limit, someone pasted the entire content of Pan Tadeusz (Master Thaddeus) polish poem as a password” a bad thing? I make the most out of super long character passwords and create ssh key level entropy with it lol.

Fediverse has a bonus in that you know you are in a bubble. Where social media giants make bubbles for you silently with their Ais.

Its great to have you here. I hope you enjoy your time on Lemmy!

ArduPilot. An open source autopilot system for flighted machines
I saw this on the SPI projects page and thought it looked neat. Code:

As more people joined the Fediverse, more sites would grow to accommodate the new users. You can have both big and small servers that focus on certain things.

It has not been a problem for email and it is technically decentralized. You would probably just get one company that had a larger percent of the user share. Imagine Google having a Fediverse server lol.

To top if off, I think Fediverse related sites are too happy with the technical aspect for most regular social media users. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. Just puts off people who would already might think getting onto regular social media is too much work.

When I first looked at Mastodon I noped out because they had a bunch of things to choose from and made it seem hard to use with the email style links at the end.

Both copies are the real me in the same way a cloned git repo is the same project. If they diverge but still consider themselves the same project, they are in fact the same project. They would just have some differences on top of a base sameness.

That is how I think of it anyway.

If it has full memories of existing before it’s body was created then it is you? I would say think so. A perfect copy of me is just as much me as I am. A digital upload is just a less than perfect copy of a flesh substrate.

Sometimes I think society conceptualize’s individuality and consciousness wrong. We are being recreated by quantum mechanics all the time. Why do we consider ourselves one person continuously with that in mind. What is so different about uploading to a computer? Is the you in the computer not the same you as the one in the flesh?