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If you know someone’s doing some sketchy stuff, you can probably incriminate them without having to seize the device/data and bruteforce the encryption

Christmas, but only because of the snow ❄️

Any examples? I’m not familiar with what an AMA video looks like

Yes, probably very similar info to what reddit collects.

To mask your location, a VPN is OK as long as the provider is trustworthy.

For Android, you could also use Fritter from F-Droid, which doesn’t require a Twitter account

Encantado compadre, en una de esas partimos una comundad para los chilenos de Lemmy…

Don’t worry! They’ve added 20 cameras, 2 radars and a buttload of sensors so you don’t run over somebody’s dog or something.

Twitter still knows who you follow and can track the interests of that account. They may also get your approx. location based on your IP address.

To increase privacy, don’t use your real name or main email address to create the account.

Notepad++ v8 release
Native dark mode implemented in this release!

Run IDEs or GUI tools in Linux not available on Windows? Probably some research tools or uncommon software

They also warn before opening a youtube link, my guess is they don’t request any youtube data before you actually open the link. I assume it’s for privacy reasons

I’d probably use Fennec if there was a Nightly version

Even the state of the product has gone down lately. I somewhat regularly find half-spoiled vegetables in pre-packaged packs

The abundant snow in the winter and the peace and quiet of a small town

I genuinely want to know who wants to buy a vehicle with Bitcoin. It sounds to me like buying a car with gold or silver. Sure, you can if the other party accepts the payment, but why would you want to pay with something that will keep its value better than the object you’re buying?

I read an article about content moderators for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the consequences seeing that much horrible content on their lives.

I can’t imagine being in their place

I’m still on reddit, but I like that there’s no karma farming on lemmy 🙂