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PeerTube by far.

Invidious to read youtube by proxy

What an amazing, essential effort!

Thanks Leah!! <3

what lemmy gives you: 1/ communities where news are aggregated on themes, that you can follow (also from mastodon) 2/ elaborate threading system for the replies 3/ up/down votes for the news and the comments 4/ views based on the above, allowing to look only at the new, the hot, the commented, etc.

it’s not competition. it’s cooperation and complementarity <3

5 Reasons to DITCH TWITTER For Mastodon! - Techlore
Pretty well summarize to convince the last of us and people around us who havent started experimenting with the Fediverse...

What could go wrong? :)

(hint: you leave your fingerprints about everywhere)

Not sure there is any. There was Replicant, but…

So it means whatever they claim about privacy, they are submitted like gimps to the FISAAmendmentAct and will hand over our asses in a snap, leaving no trace, if we’re not born in 'Muwikaa…

Ironical that this valid list of reasons to distrust Signal is hosted on… "Microsoft Pages"™ ;)

Also an Android app that blocks all trackers sounds a bit like a joke as Android itself is the one-tracker-to-bind-them-all-and-forever-rule-them…

to save you some reading time, it contains “NPM and PyPI today can help secure the ecosystem …”


Mastodon is an archipelago [image of archipelago]

It is comprised of islands where people live and speak with each other. some of these island are connected to other islands with boats (the federation) that make people capable of talking from one island to the other…

some of these islands are only connected with a few, some are very isolated. by chosing where you build your house (create an account) you chose with whom you will be living…

on every island are different rules and different ways of being together and looking at the world.

direct non-javascript/proprietary link to the pdf/png?

Also, if otherwise then it is just advertisement for some commercial/proprietary product, and has no place in my feed :)

I see… we’re either with you, or with the terrorists? :)

I strongly disagree with your last statement indeed. It’s assuming all people here are shitposters and never done anything for privacy, and also assuming Ubuntu did anything for privacy at all, with a commercial model that inevitably slid down the road of sacrificing people’s privacy and the ethos of free/libre software for profit, and normalizing such behaviour. (you are the example of the latter, finding justifications for the unjustifiable…)

If your personal conclusion is “trust company XX for defending privacy” you may end up grossly disappointed (unless you have a vested interest in that company,m in which case it is “just” marketing…)

Mepo, the blazing-fast map browser, reaches 0.5
Mepo is focused on hackability and performance. It enables endless expandability through its mepolang. Mepo just reached milestone 5 (tag 0.5) with major performance and usability improvements, including savestates from session to session. Check it out! or even better: contribute by your user feedback, patches and such! ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/3b337df5-3e28-45e6-a2df-d290f7a2c2bf.png)

A friend of mine has a project that is accross an art project and a political statement, in the form of an experiment: To exemplify the power of the surveillance capitalists on the very fabric of what we still call "the Internet", they want to configure a computer to block all connections going to all known services belonging to Google, Amazon and Cloudflare (and later potentially extend this to other companies). (yes, my friend is very much aware that in practice most of the commercial web would become totally unusable. that's partly the point of the demonstration to exemplify this...) For google, they rely on an old (long) list of domains known to belong to the multiple entities composing the behemoth... an /etc/hosts points all of them to brutal but efficient, until new domains, subdomains etc.. appear. How would you do it for amazon and its gigantic AWS platform? how would you do it for cloudflare? collect lists of their IPs (and update them over time)? edit firewall lists based on them that would sink all packets? Anyone knows of any project going in that direction?

Are you tired of explaining over and over again why crypto-ponzi-currency is bad, hypercapitalist ecocidal scam?
Let this guy explain it for you: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=YQ_xWvX1n9g All is there, based on sound economic theory and anchored in facts....