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That’s just not true. It is, some might say, ridiculously hard to do because these days there are so many i’s to dot and t’s to cross, but it’s not impossible. A friend hosts his domains’ email at home.

Finding a web host, avoiding Cloudflare
How the heck do I avoid Cloudflare when selecting a web host, please? I was considering getting a DigitalOcean “droplet” and running something in that, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be inside Cloudflare’s evil embrace. I asked in what I thought was an obvious place but was met by bewildered looks.

I suppose executing recruitment agencies is out of the question?

Ban ATS’ (seriously, how could centralising all of everyone’s personal information ever go wrong?!)

Have competent people working in Personnel departments (and thank you, I am not a Human “Resource”, that’s just your slave master mentality shining through)

And, yeah, executing recruitment agents. Sorry, but it has to be done, for the future of humanity. (Or maybe it doesn’t? Are they actually able to interbreed with human beings?)

In other words they’re testing what the Zurich city public transport system has been doing for years (as well as trams taking power from overhead cables, some bus routes do too)?

Even supposedly educated people don’t get it. My doctor wanted me to send him some health information by email a month ago. It’s a good job my blood pressure is under control or I might have exploded.

“If you’ve got a blacklist I want to be on it.” (Billy Bragg)

I was thinking that if the police or someone like that got involved then it would be better to have the entire unaltered thing available, so that rather than delete it from the db it should just not appear in the front end.

Might you not want to be able to preserve the offending post so that the poster can be brought to justice?

I don’t imagine there’s any one thing that “causes” it. High standard of living helps (so more disposable income to spend on things like computers); a technological society, in the sense that people aren’t afraid of technology or of being seen as an “engineer”-type of person; a somewhat left, privacy aware population and generally more altruistic attitude than in other countries I’ve lived in; finally, for my list, I think there’s somewhat of a Streisand effect in that there are a large number of foss developers in Germany because they see that there are a large number of foss developers in Germany.

If it “just works” for you, why do you want to try a new one?

You look like you’re straining. I suggest more fibre in your diet. Less strain will surely help you stay in the sleepy-zone.

It seems like Snips was the voice control of choice with HA but was bought up by Sonos.

Rhasspy - - might work (

All depends on you using Home Assistant of course, although looking quickly at the docs Rhasspy seems to work with other systems. might also be worth a look.

That’s more or less what I thought. I wondered if you had some technical insight into what exactly they do. I can’t be the only one who has their browser set up to tell the world it’s running on Windows when it’s not.

the main page is painting a really grim picture of the world.

Maybe because the world is in a pretty grim state?

I was all comfortable and warm, and had all my nutritional needs met (all of my needs, really!), then I was rudely squeezed and pulled through a tight tunnel into the brightest light, kicking and screaming. I hated being born (probably).

It’s not got a lot better since (definitely).

The benefit would be that if someone knows how to use Fediverse-Thing “X” they’d have a headstart in learning how to use “Y” and “Z” as well, because they would all look/behave similarly. It’s a fairly standard UI/UX idea. See, for example, some “usability rules” at (esp. Rule of Bliss and Rule of Least Surprise).

How to re-jig screens when I disconnect one
Setup: Ubuntu, Openbox, notebook, occasionally an external screen. I've set things up so that if an external monitor is attached when I start my notebook, a script (run by Openbox's autostart), xrandr makes that the primary monitor. What I'd like to do is run that script when I turn off or otherwise disconnect that external monitor, so that I can make the notebook's built-in screen the primary again. Does anyone here have any ideas how to do that automatically?