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Yeah, it really is the UI that does the job. A UI that truncates posts >500 characters behind a “show more” button already gets you closer to a microblogging platform.

I still wonder why Pleroma had to be forked. Now the development is mostly around Akkoma, apparently.

I feel like there could be a button to simply sign up to a random instance from a curated list.

The site could essentially offer an easy (default) path that would tell you in the simplest possible terms (preferably with pictures) what Lemmy is and enough about federation that the user is aware that it’s normal to have multiple web addresses, they all just access the same network. It would then offer two buttons, one would take the user immediately to a recommended instance, the other would fork them to the “advanced” path, allowing them to pick an instance with all the bells and whistle options and access more detailed information about federation etc.

“Sign up to a recommended instance (server)” and “learn more first”/“advanced options” buttons, perhaps?

It’s probably worth noting that getting banned from Reddit means that the majority of Lemmy instances would likely ban you as well.

And to actually answer the question, I’ve never been banned.

I would urge anyone on the verge of quitting Lemmy due to this to check out either beehaw.org or sopuli.xyz. There’s a (still small but) active effort in providing general instances and contributing general content in a less politically hostile environment.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest benefits of federation is that you can easily change administrators while staying on the same network.

Only Gargron wants to run a flagship instance. Lemmy devs have made it very clear their instance has certain specific purposes and that they don’t intend it to be the main instance. I’m just wondering if we should remove the invite-request friction for a little while in Beehaw and Sopuli to take the weight off of lemmy.ml and so that the admins there can keep federating with Lemmygrad if they really wish.

It would probably be best to recreate some of the communities made in lemmy.ml elsewhere and actually contribute there. I really think your best bet is to just contribute elsewhere.

100% agree. The original Reddit was a bit of a wild west, but Reddiquette itself is great as a founding document and as a basis for all conduct in all communities.

The claim for “mob manufacturing” seemed baseless, but the ban itself demonstrates said bias when a person with a barrage of hateful comments continues to get nothing. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt ban bias in lemmy.ml, but is definitely the most flagrant example of it.

I should mention that I’m only against comment voting. It makes sense for the content itself, but in discourse it only leads to fights of wits.

Sometimes I get downvotes without knowing why and no one is replying me what’s wrong with my words.

Further ruining the conversation when you can simply press a button to devalue someone’s opinion without contributing anything yourself.

And yes, they’re used as agree/disagree buttons and it cheapens the conversation.

The entire purpose for downvotes in Reddit was to allow people to weed out comments that do not add anything to the conversation, but people of course misused it as an “I disagree” button. All the downvotes contribute is further ruining the conversational culture here by turning them in to gladiator fights of egos. Lemmy is actually just worse than Reddit in this regard when its downvote feature doesn’t even have a stated purpose. Lack of downvotes alone is a good reason to support Beehaw.

Ban editorialized headlines and random tweets and it’s an improvement already.

Neovim devs say that the aim is not to replace Vim, but at this point it has to.

The reason why Valve continues to push Linux heavily.

I think it’s really only true in Arch communities. I too use Arch (btw), but would not touch an Arch community with a 10m pole. The Gaming on Linux community is by far the best I’ve been a part of.

Actually just got myself a CRT telly just for Guitar Hero.

You can go with LineageOS without any Google services. It’s still Android, but it really is the best you can get unless Librem 5 has made some major strides.

ncmpcpp has come closest to feature parity with Foobar2000, but I just wish there was a much more vi-oriented fork of it or something.

In short, vtubers are content creators who use virtual avatars with often some light lore behind their character. Some are more dedicated to the character, some merely have an avatar. The virtual proxy characters and their backdrops tend to invite a lot creativity from the community side as well.

Could we add GoL community links to the sidebar?
The GoL community has been by far the most welcoming out of all Linux communities (not just Linux *gaming* communities!) that I've been part of, and I'd love to see their Matrix, Discord and IRC rooms promoted in the sidebar. Here are the links: https://matrix.to/#/!BbUcoMPQhtUNJexFlJ:matrix.org?via=matrix.org&via=feneas.org&via=tchncs.de https://discord.gg/AghnYbMjYg #gamingonlinux on Freenode

Linux Gaming community created
EDIT: I had completely missed the creation https://lemmy.ml/c/linux_gaming So as to not needlessly separate communities, go there instead! https://lemmy.ml/c/linuxgaming For all things related to gaming on penguin machines. Welcome.

Matrix/Element Spaces, where to follow progress?
So I've been looking for a real Discord alternative for years now and it seems Spaces is the thing that's finally going to start bringing in the functionality that exists in Discord. What I want to know is where could I follow the progress it? Not only am I very excited about it, but I'd also like to warn my friends well in advance before I nuke my Discord account.

Any major forks of uMatrix?
I'd love to keep using this while I still use a browser other than Qutebrowser, but has the development moved somewhere or is the project just dead?

I have created a Neovim community over at sopuli.xyz
This editor is growing in to one of the biggest interests I have in software and seeing as there still isn't a community for Neovim, I thought I should probably step up. Right now there isn't any very recent big news to talk about, but I thought I'd drop the link nevertheless. Hope to see you there. [!neovim@sopuli.xyz](https://sopuli.xyz/c/neovim)