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Nah, its the same problem in india. Ive turned off ad personalization and hence I’ll get the most disgusting shit on my front screen. Stopped using youtube altogether because of it.

Might need some bot for that, I’m not aware of any that does that.

I really appreciate your replies, thank you

I’m abigg advocate for xmpp for quick messaging and matrix for communities due to their federated, decentralizef and relatively private nature, what would you personally say are the reasons to not suggest them to someone?

Can I also know of your grievances with signal, it feels like the only way I can get people off WhatsApp is selling them the idea of signal. Is it atleast better than WhatsApp in terms of metadata collection?

Thank you for the answer, it makes sense to me

I’m confused, what’s the point of this comment?

Can I know of your grievances with threema? Genuinely curious

And since it is closed source, I could never call it a privacy conscious browser.

I think I get what you mean, you want to post everywhere at the same time by just clicking one “publish” button, is that what you mean?