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embed YouTube, Streamable, Imgur Gfycat.

There aren’t any benefits of it. It only increases resources usage and decreases privacy and security(as embedded sites can still track users because browser will send http request at that site while loading).

Instead pasting an embedded link somewhere in post or reply would be a better way to accomplish it.

i like how people don’t understand a simple question and post irreverent , of-topic replies and duplicate. But when i post a unique , logical reply with evidence i get downvoted(most likely this reply will also have one downvote.) No one specifies a reason for downvoting either. This doesn’t make me angry nor sad. Instead it brings a smile to my face. Edit: I haven’t noticed this in posts i post but only i replies i do.

Do you use a wallpaper(Desktop background)?
Do you use a wallpaper(Desktop background)? why or why not.

Thanks but I’m not looking for alternatives. But it’s still better than public instances of pipe.

I have evidence that some don’t.

Where? No one posted evidence in this thread.

some don’t.

But some do. You can never be sure about all of them do same. Also what if some instances are running modified version of it.



Since most of communities are here.There isn’t much benefit to join other instances. Also this answer is duplicate of previous one.

There are numerous media players like mpvthat can stream youtube.

However, even if you are concerned about this, Freetube is a more convenient option which can use its own local API similar to how Newpipe does it while still keeping a nice interface with subscription management and such.

That’s exactly what I said.

Watching videos over tor is not possible.

I wish you a very [citation needed].

These instances are not much popular so there isn’t much evidence regarding it. Nor you have any evidence that it doesn’t.

Piped requires JavaScript for everything. . This post was about piped not about invidious. To avoid getting downvoted Please do some research before posting.

There are numerous media players like mpvthat can stream youtube. These instances are not only slow, they also sell their user’s information. Edit piped also requires JavaScript to run.

Curious Why would anyone use piped instead of Newpipe or Yt-dlp?

Everyone in this community is politically obsessed, and the administrators don’t think twice about banning anybody whose views differ from theirs.