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A person is just a fatherless biped after all

Not from him, the guy that didn’t even manage to make tunnels work

Can’t wait to hear melon husk’s new plan to mine the earth’s core! I love capitalism!

Thanks, I will build a hut in the woods and fish my food.

Does something like nitter or reveddit really not exist for Facebook?

When I say that people will call me a conspiracy theorist, but when Canada froze the bank accounts of protestors no one spoke Bank interest isn’t keeping up with inflation anyways

Is there a way to bypass Facebook subscriptionwall?
Is there a way to bypass Facebook's subscriptionwall? I swear I'm not a boomer, there's this really famous historian where I live (he's also a comrade, funnily enough) his lectures are very Interesfing and popular but unfortunately a lot of them are only accessible through Facebook, only thing is I don't have an account nor an intention on creating one, yet it is forcing me to create one to access content, is there a way to bypass it?
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Accurate, Russian army is a hunting rifle and Ukrainian army a mere pistol.

We will need to start censoring ice creams soon
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Liberals not being racist for 1 second challenge

I had the same experience, chatting about random topics and it gets sexual all of a sudden, a weird marketing strategy 4 sure

We don’t even get the sticker here

Let’s go! His censorship didn’t stop this project!

Like Historian Alessandro Barbero said : “if there’s a rule in history, it’s to never invade Russia”

Rare based Musk moment (still did it for the wrong reasons though)

Maybe ebay? Postage tends to be more expensive but you can find great deals for cheap, especially in the “media” sector, they’re still a corpo but it’s better for the consumer 😎(PS edit: the seller also pays less fees, even if they’re still crazy high like 13%)

In alternative i would suggest thrift stores, at least for clothing

Well yeah but I think OP referred to kiddy porn

Sorry for shitty meme quality


They serve to two different things, its like saying that airplanes replaced houses, science studies the reality from an objective and scientific (duh) point of view, while philosophy questions more moral, metaphysical and abstract concepts that science could never

We ban fascists, we are anti anarchist

Feds got new funds, guess war pays well

I bet you support the antifascist azov battalion


I live in a big tourist area and american/German tourists are the stereotype you imagine them to be

A space to talk, discuss and shitpost about all Paradox games and Paradox in general

Glows brighter than the sun

/c/shoplifting a communty about shoplifting and more in general about the reappropriation of goods by the proletariat
i hope its allowed, if not pls tell me and i will move it to another instance.

how will be hosting paid for in the future
i mean when and if we will have lots and lots of new users