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Yes. The good the projects do tend to outweight the bad. Thats how I like to think about it anyway.

Ah okay… Well if possible I would like to see that in feature list someday :) Especially if/when lemmy gets more popular and there will be more… Less nice instances popping up.

Is there a way to block instances locally per account? Like on mastodon where I can block a huge list of instances: If I block an instance I wouldnt see content/comments originated from those.

Unfortunately people like to cheat. Cheating ruins multiplayer games and drives people away from playing the game, no matter how fun it is. Thus the need for rat-race called anticheats.

However! We already had solution for this: Dedicated servers. If there was a cheater on the server, you could just yell on IRC that who is cheating and someone would come to ban the asshat. It worked way better than anticheats.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/136934 > Found this pretty interesting. I hope they are going into this seriously. Consoles have multiple platforms to play games on, PC needs the same competition.

Found this pretty interesting. I hope they are going into this seriously. Consoles have multiple platforms to play games on, PC needs the same competition.

I agree that its not for everyone but I was bothered by the “its difficult to be part of gaming social culture where everyone buys games at launch” or something like that.

It’s sad that we even have peer pressure to buy new shitty AAA games on launch. Part of me is glad that linux kind of forced me out of that hype driven exploitative crap that is AAA games. I mostly play indies now. Unfortunately not many of people are willing to do that and only go for the newest shiny, but that’s their pregorative.

That being said, pretty valid critique, although the fault is not just Linux fault, it’s more complicated than that (device drivers, manufacturers, publishers etc not supporting linux). But like was said in this thread, attitude matters: If you are willing to learn and are into computery stuff, you’ll get way more value out of linux than from windows, even if you can’t play the newest lootbox shooter.

(I do miss playing Apex Legends tho but I’m not booting to Windows to play that lol… Would also be nice to try Halo Infinite someday.)

The funny thing is, this was tried with second life. It flopped hard. I assume same will happen wity “metaverse.”

Do not read the comments there. Save your braincells.

Isnt metaverse just second life with vr?

We definitely need some anti-clickbait bot here

It would be foolish to trust any of these services blindly.

However matrix is the better alternative to many, for now.

I have the community for my projects in discord, due to most of my projects being games. But for my FOSS projects, if someone has bugs or something I ask them to create issue on the relevant github page. I may eventually move to codeberg but idk yet.

Diversity is nice and it’s unfortunate we live in a world where companies have to even make announcements like this. The controversy in these comments alone show the sad state of this whole “issue-that-shouldnt-be-one-but-it-is-because-humans-suck.”

Unfortunately most of the time it’s just platitudes and patting each other on the back without actually addressing any problems.

I dont trust any corp with my data.

I am very skeptical it would work because humans like owning things.

But what do I know, this kind of stuff is way above me anyway.

Just give me food and I’ll turn it into code and crappy games.

Ah forgot to mention, theres a button to disable notifications in the watch’ operating system

Genuine experiences are worth a lot more than ads.

Very true :) And I admit, I am bit of a fan of Pine64 and I hope to get more of their devices in future

I am not sure actually. But you can disable the connection between gadgetbridge and phone, but still keep the watch paired with the phone: this way you dont get notifs.

But completely disable bluetooth, i dont see a button for it at least.

Edit: also sorry if it seemed like an ad, i just honestly wanted to share my experience with it :D

Glad to hear! This was written in a bit of tired state of mind so I wasn’t sure lol.

Wrote down some thoughts on my PineTime watch
I hope this might be helpful to someone who is thinking of getting one.