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I tried the app for a few hours. NSFW content is indeed expensive but the upsell strategy is that you recieve a flirty or horny message and then another message you have to pay to see.

I mean sure but wouldn’t that require running Windows in a VM or giving out the original webcam feed?

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A pronoun is a good shorthand for identifying someone in common speech.

IANAL but I think that in itself would get thrown out. I remember from my media law class that after so many jokes about Fox News on the Simpsons, they sued Fox Entertainment and the rolling in the case was essentially “You can’t sue yourself”

Hmmm… All of these are equally strong. Almost as though OP is surrounded by these hotspots. 🤔

I mean they’re pretty lenient. Obviously I can’t link to removed tweets but the infamous Ben Shapiro “Arabs bomb crap and live in open sewage” tweet was left up. We can deduce that whatever’s taken down is more explicitly racist than that

I think where he goes wrong is that he seems to indicate that he thinks there is a solution, that will allow gigantic monolithic social media platforms with millions of billions of users to exist with no tension about moderation policies and free speech limits,

I didn’t get this impression at all.

Pronounced “New Nix”?

I honestly think I found it on Hacker News and joined out of curiosity. Stayed out of spite when people on the post had their hot takes on the politics.

I think one or two of my work inbox rules are easily in the 1minute - 5/day category. Inbox rules are super easy but incredibly effective.

From my understanding, they don’t put the content itself on the blockchain but a plaintext permalink. I could be wrong, but since every decentralized node has a full copy of everything on the blockchain it’s only feasible to have tiny bits of text.

I realize I forgot to put an actual announcement here but lemmy.ml is small enough that the posts I used to populate it is already getting some attention.

I hear this type of thinking all the time. “COMMERCIAL PRODUCT has made an unpopular decision now users will flock to LIBRE PRODUCT” It usually only produces a small dent in marketshare that slowly comes back to the commercial product. If one’s been with Reddit this long, almost always the annoyance of everything being different at Lemmy is greater than the annoyance with whatever decision.

On a hunch… Reddit is far more tolerant of right leaning views than this instance of Lemmy. If I recall correctly, the creators have explicitly said they’d rather have strict moderation than a wide userbase. It’s supposed to be part of the appeal.

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It looks like “modlog” in the sidebar takes you to the modlog for that specific community. Maybe that’s where the confusion arose?

Is center left allowed here? I’m pretty left leaning but I feel below average here.

This is a cool idea but it needs some very strict moderation if you want to emulate Stack Overflow. Looking at it right now it doesn’t even seem to have questions posted to it, just generic programming posts.

I’m not expressing my own thoughts on the issue but the consensus I generally see is that Reddit posts get their value from the interactions from the community. No point in bringing in the content en masse, if something is worth posting do it manually.

Not super practical but I like to donate my spare compute to Sheep-it

You’re missing the point. The misinformation was that the AP didn’t make that claim. It was not about whether the claim was true or not.

for example, the vast majority of people believe there is a “uyghur genocide”

I’ve certainly heard that and thought it was true but don’t claim authority on the matter. I’m still having a decent time on the site though. It’s a big community.