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Usually if I get something fun in return like stickers or merch in general. That makes me show off the project to others in my real life and it’s a fun satisfying way to support the team.

All information about themes, specs and more is in the screenshot's neofetch program. :)

We have Wolfballs here on Lemmy too so we can’t exactly complain

What did you get for Christmas this year?
If you did celebrate Christmas. :)

Props go out to Parabola (CLI edition) for being the first system running on my 64MB 2003 laptop.

Funny you post this now, because I actually installed Trisquel on my laptop a few days ago. :) And I swear it’s not an ideological claim but it’s genuinely the best, snappiest and most user friendly distribution I have ever used.

Especially the type of people who then praise the Fediverse as some kind of privacy alternative as if their data isn’t hosted by some kid below their parents’ kitchen sink.

Awesome news. Might want to make the FSF aware of that for the free software directory.

What the hell! Last time I visited the SMBX community the newest thing was the first release of PGE, and now we have a native SMBX reimplementation? :O

Is there a comprehensive list of what happened in the last years?

Okay, fair enough, I can see that, but it’s pretty obvious the large majority of this thread and ‘anti-car’ people in general just don’t think that far and instead just project hate on perceived “selfish” car drivers.

… Are you aware that in 2021 you still need… factories… and land… to produce things? You know,… the means to do that that only a select few can own?

How do you even come to the conclusion that the means of production of all things are no longer existant? Since when have we stopped relying on workshops, factories and agriculture?

Why not blame the capitalist industrialists that cut corners there, then, and not regular ass proletarians with cars?

The idea of blaming consumers for entirely industry made issues, of antagonizing working class people based on the commodities they own and making them out to be the real enemies in various capitalist-made issues like the climate catastrophe and lack of road safety.

This is all a tired psyop to shift blame for climate change on random proletarian car owners, instead of the circumstances making these cars necessary or attractive or viable or producable. Good ol’ infighting, divide and conquer.

Thing is just that “Latinx” is usually a moniker created by people on the spectrum of liberal identity politics — people who essentially think that critiquing and controlling language will fix racism and other ills by ‘changing the way people think about experiences and identities’, which is of course something Marxists identify as counterproductive as language is not the driving force behind social dynamics.

There’s nothing wrong with the word per sé except that it can even seem a bit patronizing towards actual Latine people, but not much. It just usually symbolizes a certain adherence to made up respectability language that is meant to fix racism with words instead of actions. It’s not like Latino/Latina or the better gender neutral Latine were in any way offensive anyway.

I don’t really know what you mean? I never used Lemmy up until like yesterday and it was all intuitive to me.

Well I still smile at night thinking about the upvotes I got.

Class interests you support, not those you objectively have. :D

What neoliberal nonsense.

Oh, oh, don’t forget forcing an account to read.

Fair, yeah. If I have the know-how.

Honestly sounds kind of disappointing. No umlauts, no emoji support (meaning ugly boxes), a fairly cheap looking UI, unusable heart rate monitor, wonky pairing, and all of it just to see notifications on a device about as accessible as a phone.

This works more like an anti-ad for me. Sounds like typical libre lack of polish, sadly.

What small, plausible change would ruin Lemmy for you if it was implemented?
I'm talking non-absurd things that plausibly someone could choose to implement. Like an anti-suggestions thread.

Peanut butter is extremely sweet where I come from, what does yours taste like?

Try peanut butter (chunky) with cheese on top!

In that case, good luck! I am sure that if you contact Sonja, she might let you have a PDF. :)

Windows shills and mainstream gamers will still imagine up some crap about how games acktchuyally don’t work. You see it on R*ddit right now in the equivalent thread.

plutoMemes@lemmy.mlFuck cars
-2urte bat

Punishing individuals for their consumption choices instead of holding corporations responsible is not a good or ethical way of combatting climate change.

plutoMemes@lemmy.mlFuck cars
-6urte bat

And neither does a child materialize out of thin air an inch in front of a car. If it stood like a foot further, the driver could clearly see the child.

Neoliberal critique of personal consumption never stops being nonsensical.

I am not against piracy within a capitalist system, but in this specific case it’d be cool to support jan Sonja as it’s been a great community effort and she has never profitted personally off the community.

That’s why you use a password manager for more than passwords. :)

You’re asking this on a Reddit alternative, so I guess you’re not going to get unbiased answers. And besides, the problem with Reddit has never been “SJW organizations”, that’s the conclusion of an edgy, terminally online teenager.

It’s a book, you wouldn’t download a book.

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen many people take up the cause of writing XHTML only sites or even come at the web with an anti-bloat viewpoint, it’s mostly focused on privacy and software freedom.

Not that I know of. After all, no “objective” information exists, but in our world, it’s fashionable to pretend that it did, so an ideologically specific encyclopedia would never achieve popularity.

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But that’s not the point of a voting system. Voting should represent the opinion of the userbase, not be used to select out people who downvoted as troublemakers.

3urte bat

No, and I think it should stay that way. Voting itself is already a necessary evil, if it could be used for witchhunting that would be arguably worse.

Wikipedia right now is mostly controlled by a clique of hardcore admins who through dedication achieved an “unquestionable” rank among the community.

They won’t outright throw in lies into articles, but they definitely will deny edits that are against their personal agendas on nebulous reasons such as “untrustworthy source” (without explanation) or ".

Additionally, there is no objectivity when it comes to science. It seems counterintuitive to say that, but what really is a trustworthy and untrustworthy source? If you are an anticommunist, you surely will deny Chinese state media reporting Coronavirus statistics, but at the same time use the CDC of the USA as a gold standard for your reporting, while if you are anti-America, you will see the latter as the same kind of “state sponsored propaganda” as the other does with Chinese sources.

They selectively apply rules based on perceived bias and their “common sense”. “State-sponsored media is a trustworthy source only when it comes from the West.”. “An article is worthy of creation if it relates to something I have heard of, otherwise it’s irrelevant”.

Even word choices are things you cannot really contest. And what about source choices? Some Wikipedia articles quote highly controversial studies as fact. Some quote far right news papers simply because they are newspapers.

All of these problems are even more apparent in the non-English variants of Wikipedia simply because a lot of the pages only have had one or two contributors in their lifetime. I remember reading a German wikipedia article (which, by the way, the German wikipedia is AFAIK the largest non-English one) where the author was just, without a source, talking about how the economic crisis of the Weimar Republic gave rise to “conspiracy theories such as Marxism”, and then locked the article.

And if you try to introduce an edit to make an article more neutral (not even pro-the other side, just more neutral), they accuse you of a politically motivated edit.

In short: Wikipedia pretends to be objective, but is ruled by a hegemony of people who nebulously reject and accept edits based on rules they selectively apply. There is no way to be objective because sources themselves aren’t – so facts can only be presented in a certain light. Because of the faux objectiveness, which light they choose is totally up to the admins themselves because Wikipedia denies taking a political stance.

The Internet of Bloat (Bunbun’s Blog)
cross-posted from: > Found this interesting blog article in one of my webrings just now.

It’s unique, but POSIX-compliant.

That’s a misunderstanding. Any service, regardless of where is it based, is obligated to comply with the GDPR if they conduct business in the EU.

I can put a GDPR deletion notice out for any American company, too.

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