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Another reason to disable it:

Firefox Accessibility Service can be abused by malware, if present, to monitor user behavior or access user information on the web.

I already looked into Sepia Search and didn’t find an API but I’ll have a look at New Pipe’s code. Thanks for the hint!

PeerTube Search API [solved]
Does anyone know of a PeerTube search engine that provides an API or returns JSON like YouTube does? Edit: It has a JSON API that can be used like this: []( I don't know where this is documented, but following a hint by []( I found it [in NewPipe's code](

I meant copying Text inside the PDF and I don’t think files allows printing.

This doesn’t allow copying, sharing or printing.

As you cannot know if they are able to decrypt it, I would hedge my bets and just assume they can.

Yes, I knew that one and it is made very nicely, I just thought a 45° rotated version would be nice. ΛωΛ

Being able to give freedom would be nice, but not exploiting people and also not supporting self-exploitation is a start, isn’t it? And yes there are people that refuse to work for Fairphone, but others don’t and it’s worth doing it for them and worth for the alternative that is being built practically but also in minds.

No, it’s not about Watchy specifically, but electronics as a whole. Nearly nobody in this industry cares about mineral mining conditions. For this reason I only buy used electronic devices, but if you build something on your own you cannot buy everything used and for many components it is close to impossible to find a manufacturer that uses materials that were mined under at least somewhat fair conditions. Apart from these general social problems what I like about projects like Watchy is that they increase repairability which is a huge ecological problem especially for wearables.

Building an open source smart watch is relatively easy. Try to build one with only components without degrading working conditions along the supply chain. Doing research on this task is by the way one of the most efficient ways to learn what a shithole this world is we were born into.

Nice, that looks good. Didn’t know that!

Do you have sources for any of your claims?

I use both.

Edit: Ok, it seems uMatrix is unmaintained for half a year now or so. What a shame. I hope somebody forks it.

Oh boy, I just notice I completely wasted your time. uMatrix has nothing to do with it! I use an add-on called Cookie AutoDelete that has a feature which deletes first-party cookies after a domain change if you do not return to the cookies domain within some time (for me 15 seconds). I have had problems with this thing, but it seems like triggers it on login and 15 seconds later the cookie is deleted. But I don’t understand why exactly the login process for triggers this but no other pages.

Hmm, but I do not block the cookies. Per default I allow everything first-party except scripts and for * my only rule is to allow first-party scripts, so everything first-party is allowed. And it doesn’t block the cookie but deletes it after 10 seconds or so. I never saw this behavior on any other site.

I go to, log in, wait around 10s or so, hit F5, I’m logged out and uMatrix shows cookie deleted:{}.

I’m on my phone at the moment, but I can check later. Just for the sake of completeness: I’m using Firefox and at first it seems like I can login, but as soon as I try to do something, e. g. write a comment, it fails and I’m logged out.

Problems with uMatrix and SourceHut
I use uMatrix for years now and SourceHut is the only Website where I have to disable uMatrix completely or else I cannot login. Did anybody else face this problem and solved it with some custom rule or so? Edit: Problem solved, not uMatrix' fault.

Short update: I switched to Qwant. Great website! Thank you very much!

metaGer looks cool, but does it really support something similar to DDG’s bangs? I don’t find anything about that.

The thing is that I use that bangs not only on my laptop but also on my phone with KISS launcher.

Cool, I’ll do that and play a bit around with Qwant. Maybe, I change defaults then. :)

Thank you! Ecosia seems to have only very few and most of those I don’t need. Qwant seems to have a lot more, but is still missing those I use most often with DDG, for example Python library documentation like !numpy or !mpl.

I never stopped using RSS, I thought it’s still very common. I use my Nextcloud’s RSS reader and there are clients for many platforms that can sync with it.

What I like the most about DDG is the bangs. Is there any other search engine with something similar?

That’s completely true for cities and therefore for the majority of people, but for those that need to go to rural areas you need some alternative.

In the end the only valid point there is infrastructure. If you want more electric cars you need to build the infrastructure. Look at Norway, for example. Electric cars are mainstream there.

I guess you could fork Slide for example and let it show both. But there is so much more Reddit users and content that you would probably end up with nearly 100% Reddit.

No, I haven’t. Do you have links? Mastodon seems to grow just well from what I see. I know users with five-digit follower numbers.

I think the hardest part is not to convince people that their individual privacy is important and needs to be protected, because at the moment it’s already not too hard to protect your own individual privacy. Much more important and much more complicated is it to convince people that everyone privacy is worth to be protected. At the moment most countries (even somewhat privacy-friendly ones) think it’s ok to spy on foreigners and then share these information with the foreigner’s government that isn’t allowed to spy on its own population. This is the most fucked up part of the current situation IMHO.

Where I lived some years ago there was this very old lady that often went to the grocery store at about the same time I did. I often saw her giving money to a beggar in front of the store always replying to his faint “thank you” with an “I have to thank” and a heartwarming smile. Whenever something small troubles me, I think of this woman and then I remember how small my problems really are and how small actions of kindness can have a huge impact on strangers. I hope she is doing well.

I get the point, but I also I don’t really like the moral behind it for the same reason I don’t like that “if it’s free, you’re the product” patter. Many things are free or subsidized just because there are nice people that spend their time and money because they simply think it’s the right thing to do.