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I was fortunate to have a flexible job in administration. I was doing about 32 hours a week ( 4 days a week ), then part time college, 6pm - 10pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then 9am - 6pm on Saturdays, started when I was 30, graduated this year. I was able to keep this going for the whole 4 years in college and graduated with decent grades too. It was still exhausting, no free time since my free time was being spent working on college assignments. Not sure how folks who do both full time work and college manage.

It helps a lot to have a somewhat flexible job, and a supportive partner.

That’s all well and good, but did you stop for a moment to think if you raise to your cat’s expectations, hmm? Cat has expectations from their human servant. You’re lucky cats don’t have thumbs, it’d be water spray in the face every time you move.

Yep, this fully makes sense.

openbox, the bunsen labs setup on Debian 11. Love me some crunchbang :D

Audio books here. When I cook, when I’m at the gym, beginning of my shift while I go through my emails. I listen to mostly trashy sci-fi books, sometimes good / decent sci-fi. At the third book in the “Three body problem” trilogy now, it’s pretty damn good.

I average at one - two books a month. Great majority sci-fi. I read only for fun, to disconnect, so my bar for quality is pretty low, there’s a loooot of fun stuff out there.

Yep. Like it or not, crap needs to be done. Compensating individuals fairly for their contributions to society should be a priority for everyone. Currently, people working in low skilled but often physically demanding jobs are severely overworked and underpaid. We really need to start addressing that, and the whole antiwork approach to this is not helping.

I’m using contabo for over a year now. Using they’re cheapest version, hosting a nextcloud instance with 300 GB of storage, €5 / month. It’s slow, but perfectly serviceable if you’re not relying on the web interface. Independent German company, in the business for a long time. Stable, reliable, not a single complaint.

It’s so annoying because the tech behind it all is cool. But no, ppl are just gambling with it.

I completely agree that as it is now, Linux is a tool, suited to a variety of purposes, hard core gaming not being one of them. That being said, I have nothing against people who wish to spend their time and energy to make it suitable for a wider range of purposes. Linus came from the POV of a random gamerbro trying to get stuff running (with some exotic hardware) and he actually managed to point out some valid UX flaws.

The way I interact with computers as a dev is different than of other users, it’s refreshing to see a different perspective.

Prolly I’ll be in the minority here. But blaming the tech itself seems the wrong way to go. Technology advance and adoption has been part of our species for thousands of years, and this is no different. So needing certain tech to do our every day human activities is normal. We should focus our attention towards what large companies who control this tech (mostly) are doing with this and how they are using it in order to control us and profit from us.

A de-googled android smartphone will get rid of most of the issues caused by large tech, and still retain most of the advantages. Sadly de-googled android is not consumer - ready yet though, so it’s a real option for the more technically inclined. But then again, this might be an issue more related to technical literacy?

Used keepassdx for a while, synced on my nextcloud instance. Am using nextcloud’s password manager nowadays, nicely integrated with my browser, decent android app as well. Gets the job done.

The PopOs bork was epic, and not his fault. Aside from that, his setup is really exotic. They insist on doing stuff by themselves, as a regular user. But Linus has a millionaire tech bro setup. It’s anything but regular. Mix that with a very “windows power user” mind set and he’s gonna have lots of issues. Looks like a fun and fair series though.

Thanks for that, missed the parts where they were mentioning Ubuntu LTS while skimming through their about and license pages.

How is this the first time I’m hearing of this distro? It is kind of unusual that they don’t seem to specify on their website what this distro is based on though

Started using Zorin for the first time a few weeks ago. I’m a long time Linux user ( 7 years as a full time Linux user, and 3 before that on and off ). It’s really good, feels like a polished out and more reliable Ubuntu. The things they’ve done around theming make the look and feel be consistent. I know it’s mostly recommended to new users coming over from Windows world, but veterans should have a look at it as well, you might be surprised.

He annoys me so much. It’s awesome that he points out privacy issues and raises awareness. But he always points out things which are possible in theory as facts which are already happening at large. Like after some researchers showed that it might be possible to keep track of location data by using the gyroscope feature, he started to say that all non foss apps are doing that.

They mention it in the dev video. Not sure if they say here that they plan on having it ready before it hits the market in December. If not in that video, there is a video out there with a steam official saying exactly that (maybe the q&a or the Gabe video?)