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I want to see how Open Source projects has gone after the crisis in 2017 (article is from 2006, where things were in a good plan). My first knowledge of Vzla using Open-Source projects on the Government was Canaima GNU/Linux and its usage on education with the Canaima Educativo.

No, Upwork. I have only tested it on Sway, not sure if on GNOME that behavior changes.

I wish I could use Wayland but the software I use to work, which needs to take screenshots of my desktop, can’t take any screenshots from it (on my case, using Sway). And the company who made it give zero fs to find a fix to it.

Yes and no. Yes, graphically, you would like to use something that won’t make you despise your experience using a GNU/Linux distro. Some people can smoothly transition from a DE to another, or even use a TWM with no problems, but others are simply used to a single style, and that’s totally understandable.

But, trying to complement to what said, each distro will have its way to handle a bunch of other stuff. You can feel amazing using Garuda Linux but somehow despise the AUR experience, or using something like Xubuntu but hating apt. I found myself loving Elementary but despising apt, but now I am using Pantheon on NixOS and I love it.

Maybe on Nick’s point, as we are talking about people being introduced to GNU/Linux, it is a very valid idea.

Thank you, didn’t know about that one. Need to test it to see if the local results are shown as expected (this is the main reason I have to rely on Google results)

Indeed. just edited the previous comment. Didn’t know about that.

I think Startpage is a frontend for Google results (last time I tested, the results on the first page were the same). The only thing I’m not sure if it is dangerous to use it (I use DDG and if I can’t find anything, then I go with Startpage). is right, they are owned by an ads page now and the whole thing smells fishy.

Also, I recommend using the Privacy Redirect extension. Supports redirects from Twitter, YT, IG, GTranslate, Maps, Reddit, Wikipedia or any search you perform, to an alternative frontend

To the point of “Our installers are just better”, I would put a “depend of what installer you are talking about and your desired setup”.

I was going to try Manjaro and install it on my gaming PC (which was using NixOS previously). The problem is that on Calamares, I was not able to find a way to mount my other encrypted drives besides root. This was disappointing, because I know I could do that on the Fedora installation (which uses Anaconda), for example.

But coming back to the topic, the fear of installing a distro comes to the fact of not knowing what you are doing and screwing up your data. This is why you need to be focused on what you are doing at that moment. And also, some guided help would be great (I used to do that with friends at the Uni). But the rest is simple and easy to do, unless you need to perform everything almost manually, which is another story.

Do you have recommendations of channels on Peertube? The only one I have found on the main page that I know is “The Hated One” (It’s unofficial and I don’t watch it, it just appears on Invidious recommendations). Don’t worry about the topics, as long as it is something cool to watch, I think it would be fine to check.

As much as I have tried to use it constantly for a few days (I joined a few communities from Twitch streamers), I feel it is complicated, specially when there are servers with a bunch of channels where everyone interacts and there are too many notifications. It’s too much for me.

I see its benefits of how easy is to enter a voice channel and such, but that’s it. There is nothing that makes me feel attached to it (not even the FOMO for not interacting helps).

And being a closed-source tool, makes things even worse.

By the way, sorry if you see too many posts from there. I’m trying to post some of the known bands that come to mind. Hope it is not an issue.

Thank you! :)

Here is the RABM subreddit and the Antifascist Black Metal Network channel on YouTube

Much to the contrary, see it as a counter-movement to that scene. Most of the bands associated with the RABM scene are fed up with the perception that Black Metal is a genre where only shitty people prevail. You will see more anarchists composing the scene though, but the main idea is standing against racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. It is not a huge movement, but this is why it is needed to bring visibility and support to these bands, mostly because they also support causes related to fights against corporations, injustice and so on.

There is a RABM community on Reddit that definitely contains more info about this, and some of the members have even engaged into investigating more about most of the bands and even creating lists pointing to sketchy stuff. Besides that, another place I use as a reference to find this band is the Antifascist Black Metal Network on YouTube. The person in charge of it is very strict on posting bands there.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

RABM means Red and Anarchist Black Metal, but it is not only related to it, but also can include crust and dungeon synth. he idea of this community is to present some of the radical left-wing extreme bands available. I hope you can enjoy this community and contribute with it.

Same here. I used to pay for the Plus version until I found out Tutanota has a client on F-Droid and the free tier works nicely. Another thing is that I can bulk export, which is something I can’t do on Protonmail unless I pay for a plan.

The only thing I don’t like about Tutanota is that everything is enclosed on their apps, so you cannot use any external clients, and I rely a lot on Thunderbird. And while I can connect Protonmail through the bridge, I still need to pay for it.

In the end, I’m slowly migrating to Mailbox. It’s not free, but I like it, offers a bunch of features I use and I can connect it with external clients. Tutanota is the secondary service I use.

Not only Newpipe, but recently I have been relying too much on Invidious.