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Wintermute is a distinct entity from the physical mainframe; its mind is only a part of another "potential entity", an aspect of its brain.

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rss runs well on a hetzner 2core, 4gig ram vps. (Single-core felt a bit sloppy, so go for 2+ cores.)
As for the distro, doesn’t really make much of a difference, as lemmy is run in docker containers

Thanks for the Update! 👌

At the moment it is sorted by subscribers, but adding sorting is definitely on the to-do list.
Link to source code added.

Lemmy Community-Browser
cross-posted from: > The community browser offers the possibility to search centrally for Lemmy communities. > > ::: spoiler spoiler > There are still a few features planned... > ::: [source-code](

Kaiteki - The comfy Fediverse client
Kaiteki supports the most common Fediverse platforms alongside other social media.

Five new supported robots, Four new features and improvements, Three new icons, Two new firmwares, One new year

Taking shrooms in an unstable mental health condition could backfire pretty hard.

Run linux, trash iPhone, de-google Android, use a privacy-friendly DNS, Pi-Hole, …

What about a public API-endpoint listing an instance’s communities, e.g. with the data already provided in the community sidebar?

Max. displayed width on Desktop/ default browser theme is 730px, height is set automatically…

I think Gutenberg’s Bible, because the translation destroyed the privilege of sole interpretation by the clergy. From a technical perspective, it was the cornerstone of the information age through the invention of moveable letters/ letterpress.

Get Google search results, but without any ads, javascript, AMP links, cookies, or IP address tracking. Easily deployable in one click as a Docker app, and customizable with a single config file. Quick and simple to implement as a primary search engine replacement on both desktop and mobile.

same for me with “cyborg” theme

It would be nice to be able to prune all unused images

Definately, from an ethical point if view.

I agree with Singer and Ryder, that speciesism is a form oft racism.

I have no idea how to respond to such a childish comment.
You can discuss whatever you want, but if you keep insulting people, you’ll just get banned, it’s that simple.

even if you ban this account,

Which I will probably do on the next incident

which is one of many

dealing with ban evasion / multi accounts is just a hassle, not a problem

Insult the ideology, you will find yourself dealing with me

Like this?


I didn’t want to post the harsh ones, cause the have been moderated for a reason.

If you insult me based on personal characteristics, go right on ahead.

Sorry, but I’m just not like you.

I’m very toxic to those who are dumb.

then, conversely, you shouldn’t have a problem if I insult you

due to your constant insults, you belong to the narrow circle of toxic, antisocial users

On a side note, you could also CTRL+Click

Lemmy takes very little resources, it should run on a RPI, just give it a try : )

hm, maybe this problem has been fixed

you could also free up space on pictrs docker exec -it YOUR_PICTRS_CONTAINER /bin/sh -c "rm /tmp/magick-*"

you could truncate -s 0 /var/lib/docker/containers/*/*-json.log (which might break logs currently being written), configure logging via docker-compose.yml, or even better /etc/docker/daemon.json

I do

  • remove pictrs temp files /tmp/magick-*
  • recompress overly large image files
  • truncate docker logs which frees up a lot of space

Don’t know, as I have neither pets nor a certain amount oft hair ¯\(º_o)/¯

But valetudo is just working flawlessly on my dreame z10

Valetudo - Free your vacuum from the cloud
Crossgeposted von: > Valetudo is the de-facto-standard open-source software solution for cloud-free vacuum robots empowering thousands of users. > Since it was started in 2018, it has matured to a reliable fire-and-forget solution that just works.

Some companies simply want to be found in the app stores for marketing reasons

📢 Lemmymap - 30k Lemmies!
Crossgeposted from: Today, for the first time, more than 30,000 Lemmies were recorded by the crawler in the Lemmy network!\ To celebrate, there is a small Lemmymap update with additional filter options :)

Lemmymap - Update!
Crossposted from: general - Display of instance age - Display number of linked (lemmy-) instances - Minor optimizations - (New) Lemmymap stats crawler instance info - Display post/comment/communities count - Status icons (for green hosting, server location, registration form, downvoting, ...)

Lemmymap Update!
crossposted from: The lemmymap got a small update. Based on data from the GreenFediverse instance list, it is now possible to display which lemmy instances are powered by renewable energy. > [What is the GreenFediverse?](

cross-posted from: everyone knows nethack, snake, ...\ what are your favourite terminal based games?