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The general memes channel on lemmy.ml could be for the ones who don’t mind the occasional Marxist-Leninist meme (due to the instance’s political nature), but the non-political memes channel can be the place where you can forget about politics for a while.

Someone elegantly snuck a pun into this one

English be like…

…pronounce ghoti like “fish”

not mine

Pyramid schemes as well as generating money with money

It’d be cool if you could also dial an SMS with that thing

Haven’t tried it myself, but another cool way is to send images and other files to your phone as attachments to a notification:


Google Meet is not much better… and also way too popular still

Yes, Google and Apple each have their own preferences in breaching the user’s privacy. Like, Google loves targeted ads while Apple wishes to know your location whenever

This idea hasn’t come to my mind until now, but if it’s true, nobody should hesitate any longer & should abandon MS products for good

Sharks are real nice ya know

I’d rather ask what the homeless do with a society that is unwelcoming to people who choose not to grind in the treadmill of capitalism

While the trees are nice, they look more like mold in the sandwich context

I’ve always turned autocorrect off before I could even get used to it.

It sure is tempting to type quicker on a virtual keyboard, but I still prefer typing out words letter by letter, mainly bc I find typing suggestions distracting.

A physical keyboard might be a better way to save time while not losing your spelling skills.

Fun fact: Star fruits are the only fruit named after a shape 🤗

Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she can’t film herself putting large objects inside her mouth without getting sexualized

Don't count deleted comments
I clicked on a post with 2 comments, only to see that both are by someone who has been banned + their comments deleted. So my minor suggestion is to make it known that a comment has been deleted, but not to include it in the count anymore.