In the age of remote learning/teaching I started using Edge to draw in .pdfs I’m showing to my students and it really fits my basic need, but something more focused on the task and in spirit of FLOSS would great. What’s most important to me is ability to draw and easily erase what I drawn; handy page switching. More would be nice of course.

I couldn’t find anything like that, and software like Krita or GIMP doesn’t work well for my needs, that’s why I’m using Edge.

If you know anything like that please tell! ^^

  • @Echedenyan@lemmy.ml
    3 years ago

    The thing was not specific vulnerabilities but improvements and fixes.

    There could be some performance issues in some documents, crash under undetermined conditions and ofc general vulnerabilities not dependent on this tool could be taken into account.

    Okular is not just document-library + own code. There are other libraries involved and Qt is a big framework with wide use and surface.

    • Ephera
      13 years ago

      Yeah, alright, Qt is a fair point. That might actually get targeted by an attacker.

      Personally, I would still deem a Microsoft account a bigger security risk than only updating Qt every few months (if you set yourself a reminder to e.g. grab the newest version every 3 months).

      But yeah, that’s where it starts to become subjective and not something one can give as general advice.