• @dragnucs@lemmy.ml
    02 years ago

    Well Spain is not in the majority. There are other mouvemebts like French gendarmerie, German state, etc. But what about Egypt, Morocco, USA, Mexico, Indonesia, New Zealand, Botswana, or South Africa?

    When you see a movie, excluding tech niche movies, what OS do you see? os x, windows or KDE? It would be a mac most of the time because they have the bigger game on marketing and salesmen. Linux has nearly zero so we only see it in geek movies where the author made research and wanted an authentic feel to his show.

    • @Echedenyan@lemmy.ml
      2 years ago

      Spain is not the majority

      You lost the point here

      Mexico, Indonesia

      I would tell you to get informed. The first has that and the second has RPI projects.

      Windows or KDE

      KDE an OS wtf. The worse is even that is multiplatform being even in BSD-derivatives.

      salesmen, his show


      Idk what kind of shows do you check but not including phones (there are several) I mostly see neutral custom graphical shells and you can guess that tries to imitate one or other but it is a fact.