My opinion is that sex work should be legal. It would enable involuntary virgins to get a good sex experience for payment; they will be guaranteed a good sex experience with a sex worker: no harassment, good education, and a fun time.

Sex work gets shamed by people puritans because of payment for sex and it’s “sinful”; yet these same persons puritans get and have sex for free out of “passion” or marriage; they also discriminate against minorities in sec.

EDIT: Apparently there is an implied difference between sex work and prostitution. I mean sex work.

EDIT 2: I messed up the writing of my post. My real opinion is located in this comment:

Oof. I didn’t realize there was way more exploitation than just sex traffickers. It totally makes sense though; sex trades are a product of capitalist exploitation and the existence of private property. (Naturally under communism, the prevalence of sex trades would be heavily reduced.)

It seems like I couldn’t communicate my ideas properly beforehand. I don’t want people in the sex trade to be criminalized; I want pimps and johns to be criminalized.

Only a few hours ago: I wanted to support a sex trade industry that didn’t involve rapes or rely on economic coercion. I just wanted disabled people, who keep getting discriminated out of sex,[1][2][3] to be able to feel better about their lives; a lack of sex can cause mental health issues in some people (even though this shouldn’t happen). (However, having sex probably won’t fix the issue, it will just hide the problems until later). Now I feel like shit…

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  2. Dating With Disability: How to Rise Above Sexual Ableism ↩︎

  3. Dating with Disability: Choose Your Dreams Over Sexual Ableism ↩︎

  • Catraism-Stalinism
    22 years ago

    I have considered the social viewpoint a bit, and this is my response:

    You probably are a good looking and/or sociable person, and that’s why the problem never occurred to you, but there are many people out there for whom is really hard (if not completely impossible) to have sexual experiences, just because of how they look or because they have serious difficulties interacting with other human beings. What about them?

    I am flattered, but I am not that good looking or very sociable (although I find myself tugged into social situations quite frequently, but more of a kidnapped-mostly-introverted-person situation). Although I still generalized such problems as “improve yourself”. In a more collective society such interactions would be far more likely, an example of such occurrences would be things like this. setting aside all other aspects of the GDR (as the situations of such are nigh impossible to repeat), it was an example of a collective society, and had far more and better sex than that of hyper-individualist societies. Of course this does not solve the problem of all, it gives some assurance (I guess?).

    But I don’t think prostitution would have to be an answer to such problems. Sex robots are far more ethical and accessible than prostitution (of course it would have to be some years from now most likely). Under Capitalism I guess they could use the service, but as any other, it would be unethical consumption.

    Thats all I got for now.

      32 years ago

      Sex robots are far more ethical and accessible than prostitution

      I strongly disagree, for three major reasons:

      1. sex robots produce new forms of dehumanization: i have nothing against masturbation and/or employing ordinary objects to take pleasure, but giving human characteristics to a robot that’s supposed to be used as a passive object could (i don’t have the science on this topic sorry) make it easier to objectify other people as well ; this question is widely being debated in the topic of personal voice assistants (Siri, Cortana…) and how having a docile human-sounding could encourage verbal/emotional abuse

      2. sex robots are polluting: they’re electro-mechanical parts assembled from raw human suffering (in mines/factories) that help completely destroy the environment ; in that sense, prostitution (given some protection for sex workers) is an organic and eco-friendly alternative to sex robots

      3. parallel (but not equal) to point 1 is that from what i gather from my friends who do sex work on a regular basis, a lot of clients employ their services not just for sex but for emotional bonding/support, to escape their miserable daily lives or just to have someone to talk to (or practice weird kinks with) without judgement… this kind of capacity will never be provided by a robot

      12 years ago

      Sex robots are far more ethical and accessible than prostitution (of course it would have to be some years from now most likely).

      As a technologist I feel obligated to point out that this is far more accessible than most people realize. When people think of sex robots they imagine blowup dolls and the evolution of that. There’s certainly sex androids and progress is being made in that avenue, however it is still probably like fucking a dead body for most people. The uncanny valley is too large.

      However, if you mix VR with deep fakes and advanced dildonics you could create a very realistic and satisfying experience with current technology. Just sayin’…