i may be very naïve, but i genuinely have no idea what Reddit atheism is and how it differs from atheism in general

  • @JohnBrownEnjoyer@lemmygrad.ml
    212 years ago

    Atheism is simply a lack of belief in deities, nothing more, nothing less. I personally think that to say someone is an atheist is like saying that someone is a not-a-football player.

    What people mean by “Reddit atheism” or “New Atheism” or whatever other similar term is a particular brand of liberal, individualist atheists who make their bitterness toward religions their entire personality.

    They treat religion as the root of all evil— instead of seeing class as the main perpetrator of conflict and driving force in history, they see religion as that, even though religion is but one aspect (one that is ultimately inferior to class and surprisingly to a few others) of human societies and civilizations.

    The reason they get shit on so much is that they tend to be smug, sanctimonious, wannabe intellectual debatebros, and I’ve noticed that much of what characterizes the “Reddit atheist” also characterizes internet liberals.