I for example get a feeling of Nostalgia, since I dislike the new (actual old now) sanatised modern youtube design, removal of dislikes, limiting customisability, garbage video recomendation and saturated copy cats youtubers. The worst of them all is the google account feature that gets forcefully showed down our throats.

There is even more, like: ads, sponsorships and more bulshish.

It needed to get out of my system.

Thank you !! :D

  • @swissreport@lemmy.mlOP
    32 years ago

    This is why I am working on my own project. Peertube has problems with proxies and looks garbage. My project will be, like Pleroma or and Misskey for Mastadon, but in the context of PeerTube.

  • Graveyard Leprechaun
    22 years ago

    I am much, much happier since I started using Freetube and Newpipe. When I can watch the content I want to see on other platforms like Peertube, I’ll happily switch. Until then, Freetube and Newpipe are godsends.