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To keep on improving and enjoying life.

My main rig is an Rpi 4 8 gb. Instead of an SD card I have a 250 gb ssd as it’s boot and storage. I’m probably never going to build or buy another rig ever again.

I watch this with my kid at their place over the course of this weekend. I enjoyed it. They play LOL heavy and got into the lore and back drop. I’m never gonna play the game but I love the art of the game.

Pixel 3a

If I can find out for $50 or under I may check out the Pixel 3a. It may be a long while, though.

I replaced the batteries in 2019 from the original stock. The N5 gets about 16 to 19 hours before hitting 10%. Talking full work usages - bash scripting, browser usages, remote desktop and playing a few rounds of games on PPSSPP and/or ReDream.

The N4 is very good. It’s the phone that’s left at home so it’s usage is just texting and calling but I usually charge it 1x a week.

I like the Google Nexus series 4 or 5. I run a Nexus 5 for work with LienageOS + Fdroid for work. I use a Google Nexus 4 on Ubports for home usage.

I never go over $50 for a phone.

A lot of what they are using is atypical of a common setup for most users but I think the coverage has been excellent.

The apps may not all work but the websites will work when you set the browser to desktop mode. That is how I get my banking done on LineageOS with Firefox.

My family has been blocking ad since with days of Windows 98 SE. Right now we have UBO, Https everywhere, privacy badger on Firefox from our linux desktops/laptops to our smartphones.

List the alternatives here for those that are looking for them?

I like this coverage. Been using Linux since the 90’s. Like someone else stated his setup is not typical but his findings are still valid. I think he should have updated/upgraded after the initial install and then installed apps. That’s what we do at work and at home when it comes to POP OS.

I’m not into launchers but it’s good see the community filling in the space that GOG has left open.

My job is on POP OS and Fedora. We are suppose to do VMs for it in 2 weeks for some of the clients under us that still use Windows. So I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s about. At home I’m on POP OS and Twister OS.

Just use a dumb TV flat-screen and an HTPC. Saves money and you have full control plus no ads.

Hi. Risk of Rain 2 is great. I played it on Stadia when they gave out free codes for it awhile back. I like Serious Sam series (you can play in 1st or 3rd person mode), Zombie Army Trilogy, Rogue Trooper, Zombie Revenge and Dynamite Cop.

Looking for some 3rd person Linux native shooters preferably DRM-FREE
Been having a blast with 3rd person shooters via of emulators but I would like to get some linux native titles under my belt. Hopefully with local and/or LAN support and DRM Free. Any leads?

They make great machines. I have the Gazelle 17 Pro. Love that machine for work and gaming. My wife is ordering the Pangolin now.