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Session is a pretty good one in my opinion. Also matrix has some privacy related concerns with the amount of meta data being shared on every home server.

Yeah ikr. I just wanted to understand their definition of “being civil” since they don’t agree with yours

Yeah being “civil” means being “liberal” with imperialist characteristics right?

They’ve got that 2 little bombs to never disobey their masters again. (Tbh it’s pretty shit to be in the position of Japan today)

The ads are probably cached on the device from the first load. So that’ll explain why

Idk but you could embed videos before the last update just like you can embed/add image files:


But doesn’t seem to work anymore sadly.

Personal favorite: Bitwarden, It just works really well without issues and the free version is more than enough for a regular usage. And if you do NOT trust the company or you want the premium features without paying for them then you can self host it for yourself! Another great password manager is Keepass!

Btw are you from south asia by any chance?

And not to mention the 99% sites aren’t “trustable” either

Yep! Go to preferences > User Interface > Theme > and select “simple”. Then scroll down and click “Save”. Now it should look something like this :

Tried with some User Interface modification?

Maybe donation or something? Btw, I don’t recommend Startpage though

As of now? Searx is the one I would recommend! (And I’ve tried almost everything)

As far as I remember, Startpage buys result from the Google

DDG was good option when it came first. But these days I do not like the path they’re taking. And I wouldn’t recommend anyone caring about privacy and censorship to use it either.

Searx is the best option as of now. And I recommend this instance with some little bit of preference modification.

You living in the same universe as I do? Cuz most journalist here ain’t telling the truth

Searx as of now. You can also check out Whoogle

CIA uncovers Chinese plot to just sit back and enjoy the collapse of USA

> - Do you have doubts about the war in Ukraine? > - Do you think that the conflict is complex? > - That the Ukrainians are not innocent? > - That the Western Media are also making war propaganda? No kidding. Just found it from a libs [tweet](!