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Magisk always worked without modifying the system. As long as /boot is still writable we’re good.

Do you mean tartar? Plaque is a clear biofilm of microorganisms. Tartar is hardened plaque presenting as a yellow or brown deposit of calcium which further encourages bacterial proliferation.

Grew up poor, no insurance so couldn’t go to the dentist.

Saw on Reddit to get an electric toothbrush so I got one when I was younger. Brush twice a day with it. Never got cavities with 5 years of no dentist.

Now I also floss once a day, tongue scrape once a day, mouth wash once a day.

If you do any one thing, buy an electric toothbrush.

Flossing is really important. It’s hard to comprehend the gains but since bacteria grow exponentially, removing the small amount between your teeth has outsized benefits.

Yeah the classic moving driver functions to firmware.

Yeah the Shark IZ462H Vertex is the recommendation for that range. It can be had for $350 new or it is currently on sale for $240 used on an amazon warehouse deal.


That’s a good vid where I found the recommendation. Vacuum wars is top notch.

A nice cordless vacuum was a game-changer for me. The ability to just grab it and vacuum is great. I always feel like plugging it in makes it an annoying logistics project so I end up blowing it off, especially for places without a convenient plug.

Vacuum wars on YouTube is great for unbiased reviews. I got the Tineco A-10D for $100 and it’s really solid. Not a replacement for a plug-in vacuum though. The $250+ Range is more suited to be your one and only vacuum.

I’m not sure why Njalla would ruin their reputation to make up a lie about proton. They’re not even competitors really.

I find it much harder to believe that njalla is going to destroy their extremely well-regarded and trustworthy business in order to bad-mouth proton with a fake screenshot than proton is doing more sketchy stuff.

I mean not a ton to change, it uses SMS so it is pretty limited in what improvements it can make. It is a fork of textsecure which hasn’t existed officially since 2015.

If it works, it works. It doesn’t seem to be abandoned but it doesn’t seem to be actively improving either. I assume if something breaks the dev will fix it.

Don’t confront them directly on it, it will cause them to dig their heels in.

I would just send them agitprop, like if the news article comes out about how X race has Y disadvantage. Frame it that the reason racism exists is because the wealthy elites want to keep us all in line and keep their pockets full.

A lot of people are racist and don’t even realize it because we have grown up and been raised in a racist place.

Best buy sells these enterprise-grade WD easystore 14TB for $190 every black friday if you can wait a few months.

They allow for payment in monero and allow running tor exit nodes. They’re pretty much as privacy-positive you can get while still in the EU. You could pretty easily sign up with fake info and pay in Monero and remain totally anonymous.

https://buyvm.net/ is pretty good and super cheap. Only issue is that it’s in five eyes (Only non-US servers are in Luxembourg).

You can get a storage slab from them for $5/TB/month too.

Looks like eBlocker was just a commercialized version of pihole. They appear to have decided to open-source their software later on. This is likely because anybody who wants a pihole is probably serious about open-source.

I think pihole is great. Really the only stellar alternative to it I’ve seen is adguard home.