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Build mutual aid networks where you live. The chuds stacking guns and food buckets and expecting to survive alone will be the first ones rotating on a spit. Bonus: MA doubles as strike support for when you get sick of your boss.

Flow batteries seem like awesome tech. Fewer rare resources than lithium batteries, no fire/explosion risk, really long service life.

My kids get divided into two lines before they walk into school with their teachers, a boys line and a girls line. The reason for this is pretty innocuous - most classes are at least close to 50/50 boys/girls, two lines are easier to deal with than one, and it gives most people a fast way to sort themselves into two groups. But then that separation continues through the day- boys and girls stay in the groups that were formed at the beginning of the day when they go to recess, to lunch, when they pick playmates and group partners for gym and for class assignments. So, something that wasn’t intended to create a social structure helps to do so, and perpetuates and exacerbates the clues they already get from broader Western capitalist society that boys are over here doing boy things and girls are over there doing girl things. Setting aside the minority for whom just deciding which line they belong in is a trauma, why would we do this to any of our kids? We made a stupid division for a lazy reason, and now we’ve created an artificial division in society.

I want this too. Calibre hurts my eyeballs and soul, it’s so ugly and clunky.

Also saying nothing about google apps, facebook apps, which are just as invasive if not more

You know the crypto bros will find a way to make the working class make up their losses.

Talos, Fedora IoT, microsuse, flatcar. What features of coreos are you looking for?

This is peak “platinum jubilee” right here. I bet it tastes like Her Majesty.

They didn’t remove git://. They deprecated and removed old insecure keys, and disabled unencrypted git operations. The mention of git:// in that post only means if you use a git:// endpoint, you may need to update your configuration.

She turned me into a newt, but I got better.

Options for hosting game streaming on Linux?
I can use Steam Link, or Sunshine (https://github.com/loki-47-6F-64/sunshine), are there other options worth looking at? Windows users also have Parsec and Moonlight/Geforce Experince and probably more.

None of this is actionable or quantatative. If you have an issue with the mobile apps, file bugs.

Eggs are always fantastic. It’s not cheese or ribs or hamburgers that keep me from going vegan, it’s eggs. Experiment with different prepapations and end products. You can make a soft poached egg in the microwave with some experimentation, since it depends a lot on the specific power output of your microwave.

What works for me:

Mix 4 oz water with a tiny splash of white vinegar. Microwave full power 60s.

Swirl the water with a spoon, crack the egg and drop it in the water.

Microwave full power 30s. Remove, swirl the water.

From there, it’s 1 or two more iterations of 10 seconds on full power, swirl, check for doneness.

I eat it over rice or toast or lots of different leftovers.

Scrambled eggs are great, you can add a bit of milk to fluff them up, I find I prefer no milk which makes them a bit more toothsome. Top with salt + pepper l, maybe cheese.

Fried eggs on a sandwich.

Sofboiled eggs in soup.

Eggs are the shit.

Tor is free, and arguably better for privacy than a VPN.

Srsly, let him have his public wank. It’ll be funny when he builds something worse than fediverse after spending humptymillion coinbucks on it.

Prening’s been an insufferable asshole going back at least to gamergate, amazed they put up with him this long. Glad he’ll be off the planet debian aggregator.

I, too, wish to cause real pain in the metaverse. Mostly to Mark Fuckerberg.

Ironically, the last release of SciLinux was 7, and Fermi dropped to redirect efforts into migrating to… Centos 8.