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What are the biggest websites build with open source software?
Are there big websites build with open source software that gets millions of visitors every month?

What prevents lemmy team from making Cardview on mobile like Hexbear?
So the question is clear from the title. i was searching the web and found a website called Hexbear https://www.hexbear.net/. after looking at it for a minute found that this website is a modified fork of lemmy, but checking further found that hexbear shows the posts in cardview which looks better than the standard view of lemmy on mobile. Any plans to allow cardview for lemmy on mobile? here is how it looks on mobile ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/ca0cc40f-be68-4f4a-a9b9-1fa937d33e7e.png)

Lies, More lies. Some soldiers were on the borders between Kuwait and Iraq and never put a foot on iraqi soil and suffered this from depleted uranium ammo used in the tanks. the nearest iraqi military base was 46Kms from iraqi-kuwaiti borders.

Russia failed in applying china formula. people thought that china is doing this only for censorships but in fact the Chinese knew this may come at someday, so they created an alternative for everything. more countries should do the same that way companies like facebook and others cannot play on one side.

This is the idea of communities who guarantee the freedom of speech. So, basically you have 2 options, you deal with reddit, or you jump to some other community that allows space for every voice, and as i can see that you are not good with. What is the the idea of a community that let you see the opinion from one side only?

This is about a sensitive time, it takes sometime when supporting Russia will be almost normal as the Nazi’s in most of Europe.

Most of the people’s opinions about Russia (currently) are only a trend, in fact millions of people around the world support Ukraine without knowing the root cause of the issue many of them barely heard of Ukraine, not because they have an idea, but this what the trend is asking them to do, THE MEDIA.

Do you think Lemmy mobile view need improvement?
I see from my prospective that lemmy listing on mobile need more improvements, its not that bad, but not prefect at the same time, still you can read with no issues, but why not if something perfect can run with modern user experience? i don't use reddit but few days ago i visited it on mobile for curiosity and found that reddit has a view mode named "Card View", and i can`t deny i loved it as a design. So, do you think lemmy should do the same soon?, giving more ability to users to switch between view modes?

What will happen when a moderator who created a community delete it? what will happen to the posts in this community?
Lets say i have created a community on lemmy, and after some time when people posted some posts to my community, i decided to delete it. what will happen to these posts associated to my community?

Policy opinion: am i going to suppress the freedom of speech if i ban religion topics and porn on my instance?
At least for me its very difficult to make the line between preventing hate speech and allowing the freedom. I'm thinking to launch a lemmy instance, but the targeted audience is very sensitive to religion topics, and i'm sure if i allow it, this could lead to hate speech at some point and may fuel violence. Also, from my prospective, i just want my audience find new good things far from porn, porn sites are a lot, and i don`t want to mix it with other topics that can very constructive. So please tell me your opinion, if banning these 2 topics can effect the freedom of speech.

In fact I’m not sure, but maybe this will allow the users discover more. for me, nice titles attract me, i like to jump from post to another with this.

Making trending posts instead of trending communities on lemmy
Sorry, i don`t know if this is the correct community to share my thoughts, but I'm wondering if lemmy team does trending posts instead of communities. As most of us know, trending widgets are to attract the attention to specific topics, and titles play a big role in this. i believe if lemmy team switches the trending communities in the sidebar to show trending topics the widget will paly bigger role to extend the reading time. Share your thoughts if you agree or not.

So, here is the thing as i understand. for now we only can store the pictures on the same storage of the server correct me if i’m wrong! buckets cannot be used at this moment? like DigitalOcean spaces or Wasabi?

Its a good oppurtuntity to ask, what do you recommend for pictures storage? and what is the most compatible solution?

Just to give you an idea why i need to know this. I’m very interested in launching lemmy instance i love this software, and of course i have no problem even paying $30 for hosting per month. But i’m looking for the future when my instance is growing and will need more computing power, so at least something small to help me cover the costs of the server.

Sounds cool, i don`t know if you have plans for the future, and if there is a possibility that your instance will grow!

Is it ok to share with us the size of your instance and your server resources? i’m interested to know what makes you go with dedicated server, i believe your instance is busy?

If you allow me to ask please, what is the size of your instance (user base, and storage)? how many daily active users? what are the maximum concurrent users at the same time? can 6euro vps handle good amount of posts, users and activity? do you suffer problems during the spike?

Everyone about their lemmy instances! individuals who run lemmy for themselves

How do you fund your lemmy instance?
Its not a secret that no ads on lemmy, which makes the process more difficult paying for hosting to keep your instance only, so tell me! How do you fund your lemmy instance? do you sell products through lemmy? Donations? how you convince people to donate to your instance? Do you sell subscriptions? how?

What web softwares lemmy`s team recommend to use to run an instance that respects privacy?
So me and my team planning to run our lemmy instance, but i was thinking what cam make lemmy complete at the same time respects the privacy of the users. I need to know the below: 1- Best alternative to Cloudflare. 2- Best alternative to Google analytics. 3- "Recommend use to support lemmy to work properly" I hear a lot about cloudflare on lemmy, users sounds unhappy with it for many reasons, so its very important to me to how we can replace cloudflare when we launch our instance.

I have checked the translations last night, also finished the unfinished ones. like 90% of the requirements has been completed.

My real name sounds ugly, i thought this will make me more handsome. 🤣

Yes, and i see a big opportunity for the next 5 years at least in my opinion. the freedom of speech must be guaranteed always, and this is what people need especially the traditional social media services like Facebook and twitter are going offensive on freedom of speech and filtering the content for political and commercial purposes.

Stealing from the federal reserve, that way you are not allowing US government to use taxpayers money to fund wars.

Is digitalocean good to host a lemmy instance that allows freedom of speech?
I have a good experience with digitalocean when it comes to technical stuff, or computing stability, most of my apps hosted there are business related apps, has nothing to do with public opinion. but recently i decided to launch a lemmy instance that allows freedom of speech with very less restrictions, and i'm still thinking to put the service on digitalocean, but i don`t know if digitalocean is good when it comes to freedom of speech, because i don`t want to wake up at the morning and find that they blocked my account and deleted all my data because they didn`t like what my users are talking about. Note: Less restrictions means (no pornography, child pornography, terrorist group and violence support, copyrighted materials trade).

Any time frame to implement RTL in lemmy?
I have postponed my lemmy project till the RTL is implemented, i have changed my language for test to an RTL one here in lemmy to see how it looks, but i can say does not look good. i appreciate if you can tell if there is any plans to allow RTL in lemmy soon.

LEMMY under AGPLv3.0: Can a i modify a fork to allow ADS?
Forking and modifying lemmy to allow ads will revoke the license? according to AGPLv3.0, you still can use the code for commercial purposes. Please clarify.

Is it Arabic language implemented in lemmy?
I was checking my profile settings, looking for arabic language but found that its not implemented yet. if i install lemmy in future, do i need to install arabic to my instance separately or it will come our of the box?

Best resources to install lemmy on digitalocean
I'm not into these cloud and docker stuff. i have limited knowledge of installing software on VPS. i have installed discourse on digitalocean successfully, it was simple even with docker presence. Is there any type of resources that explains the installation process step by step for beginner people like me?

How to monetization Lemmy?
Hello Friends, I just wanna know if Lemmy supports adding ads like google adsnese?