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It also means that the show can have more intricate story arcs. When an important detail got dropped at the beginning of a show and you’re binging, you are fairly likely to remember it. Contrast that with a 20 episode season spread over most of a year where you’re likely to have forgotten half of what went on.

A distinct problem that demonstrates a wider one. That is, divisions that are made between male and female that may seem small and harmless to begin with can grow over time, particularly as people navigate systems and institutions that are already in place.

It still would be nice to have a few more formally recognized fields like wiki in the record for a community.

Or a SAML provider? It would avoid sending credentials through the wiki software.

And that goes both ways. If parents do not treat their children with respect, they should not expect to receive respect in return.

I wonder how much performance is left on the table to keep backwards compatibility with long obsolete systems like this.

Tortilla machines were apparently quite influential in the social history of many parts of Latin America. Women used to spend a great deal of their time grinding maize, forming tortillas, and cooking the tortillas. Tortilla machines meant extra hours that they could put towards pursuits outside the home, including political empowerment.

From what I understand, the GNU philosophy around selling dates from when distribution costs were substantial. Picture manufacturing and distributing CD’s full of packages. It’s just a totally different world now in terms of how software is distributed, free or otherwise.

I kind of liked that “beta” question, if only because it gave the opportunity to call out the whole notion as bullshit. The other one, though, that had zero redeeming qualities. Well, that and I’m gay so it doesn’t even apply.

That label is going to be hard to shake. Both lemmy.ml and lemmygrad.ml are pretty explicitly far left in intent.

Do you really think any self-respecting person would honestly answer such questions that generalise an entire group of people?

Hence the name, ask a woman. The hope is that you get answers that reflect the diversity of the population that the question was posed to. Unfortunately, the history of such subreddits is often such that what men want to hear gets upvoted, and more honest answers languish.

Just ask this in real life where you have to look into someones face.

Some questions can be considered impolite to ask or violates some culture’s norm. Posing them online gives a buffer. Sure talking face to face is usually more informative, but not always.

It takes a long time for sites to build up a large userbase, especially when there isn’t much to differentiate it from close competitors. Lemmy from your average user’s perspective is Reddit but with no ads and less content. Measure that against Reddit and your average community is going to struggle to reach the size of its Reddit counterpart. Unless, of course, its Reddit counterpart got the banhammer.

HyperTalk in HyperCard on what I think was a Macintosh LC. It came with a little book of functions. I used the functions to do some scripting, but I had no idea what I was doing because I had no one to teach me. I don’t even think I knew how to do loops. I think

Later, I picked up TI calculator programming. I automated a few simple formulas that I tired of.

In high school, I learned PHP as my first real programming language. I used it to make web sites for a club where we had paying customers. Sure I didn’t know what I was doing half the time, but I managed to produce some good stuff. My crowning achievement was the registration site for a local competition. From there I got into Python (big improvement).

It sounds like this is fairly cheap to implement. I imagine the utility just pays for software from a vendor that integrates in with the consumers’ existing smart thermostats. From there, it’s just the cost of the incentive payments.

This one kind of makes sense at least. Ideally the power company should have planned ahead, of course. But allowing their thermostats to get to 88 - hot but still manageable - averted the far worse option of rolling blackouts.

Their explanation of their technology flies a bit over my head, but it looks promising. Of course, many a technology has run into roadblocks, technological or otherwise.

If Russia lost over a 1000 tanks since February the war would’ve been long over.

Why so? Putin has gambled big on this war as part of the “Greater Russia” idea. It is clear now that Russia cannot overthrow the Ukrainian government, but they want to at least destabilize Ukraine and force it into an uncomfortable bargaining position. Hence reallocating forces to the east. Putin’s rule rests largely on satisfying Russian nationalists and looking tough. Flat out loosing a war could mean loosing more than his position of power. It could mean a one way ticket out a high window.

Okay, so any exact numbers are hard to come by. A few things factors make it difficult: impure motives of various parties, lack of verification,

Russia claimed no casualties in the opening period of the war until that claim was no longer sustainable.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces claimed 1000 tanks destroyed. It’s not clear where the Kyiv Independent is citing to exactly. My guess is that they were inflating statistics, but it’s not inconceivable. Russia’s formations opened them up to attack.

The UK came out with similar figures, but it’s aggregate figures without the backing proof. I doubt you will consider the UK a credible source.

This analysis seems to be the most methodical and transparent. It gives an estimate of over 1000 tanks destroyed as of the end of February. After a cursory glance over the contents, it looks like they’ve done a good job at using open source intel to produce their numbers. The source is definitely pro-Western, but given it’s backing its data with credible evidence I consider the results credible.

Blocking on instance level?
Is there a way to block posts from an instance from showing up on my post feed? Lemmygrad has gotten to be a bit much over the past week or so. I know I can block communities, but I would rather not play wack a mole there.

Concern around CoC's "oppressive"
I am thinking about creating an outpost in Lemmy for Reddit's r/moderatepolitics subreddit. Briefly, the goal of the subreddit is to bring together a variety of viewpoints with rules that are mostly limited to not attacking other users and some operational rules (e.g. no editorialized headlines). These loose rules have allowed us to bring together voices from across the political spectrum for discussions that usually get stuck in echo chambers. When I was looking through the Code of Conduct for the lemmy.ml instance, I noticed that it bans "oppressive" speech. That raised an immediate red flag for me. That term is so vague and broad as to leave an immense amount of discretionary power to an admin making a moderation decision. I know several of the admins on this instance are very left wing. Nothing wrong with that, but many on the left hold a rather expansive view of what oppressive speech is that includes even moderate or center-right discourse, never mind further right. Is there any room to build this type of community on lemmy.ml? Or will we be forced to choose between our own instance or living with the threat of intervention that labels some elements of community discourse as oppressive?