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Count of comments is incorrectly increased by editing a comment on a separate instance
[I commented on a lemmy.ml thread from beehaw.org](https://lemmy.ml/comment/397120) . Even though my comment is the only one the count of the comments on lemmy is 8: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/98621cfe-889d-4274-a336-e00d4a5c5947.png) I believe this is a bug caused by edits to the comment (on beehaw.org) being counted as new comments on lemmy.ml.

Yeah, I think I will move to beehaw

The views on lemmygrad are very much outside the general acceptable norms for the English speaking internet.

Even if you agree with their views, you must admit that it is very off putting for most people who come to Lemmy.ml.

I think the purpose of a default instance should be to showcase the software, not to showcase the current community (which is dominated by lemmygrad users right now)…

I think either:

  1. We should have a new default instance.
  2. Have no default instance.
  3. Lemmy.ml should stop federating with lemmygrad.

Personally I have been using and promoting Lemmy less because I find the lemmygrad content off putting. I feel a similar way about this content as I did about place like r/thedonald in 2016.

  • Find people on your course that can help you and that you can help. Teaching something you know to classmates helps you learn. There is a saying “one teach, two learn” and it is true.
  • Try to review the content of a lecture before attending the lecture. Even if it is a fast 5 minute skim of the material it will help you
  • Try to get an overview of the course at the start, again a quick skim might take an hour or so, but the content will be more familiar when you get around to it.
  • For maths and science Khan academy is really useful.
  • There is a short course on Coursera called ‘Learning how to learn’ that includes some of the above points, it is worth checking out.

Well done to everyone involved!

How can we follow peertube channels? I can’t seem to see any listed in communities on lemmy.ml

yeah sorry, I only just found out about it.

This video talks about the latest news. It basically talks about a version called mini-d, people are speculating that it is a version for testing manufacturing.

Reddit is really good for hobby/niche content. Reddit communities have become the largest online communities for quiet a few different interests where previously the largest communities would be independent forums.

It would be great if some forums decided to use Lemmy. I guess there are barriers to this, e.g. user interface changes might not be wanted and it might be difficult to export/import the forum history.

This one is really gave me a proper laugh

I am getting tired of this meme. It is basically complaint about people talking about world events unless they are “experts”.

We should look to experts for our sources of information but it is a bit shirt to mock normal people for talking about the world around them imo

well, I don’t necissarily agree with him but I think he means that: The deal is that you can use the content if you watch adds. If you don’t watch adds you are breaking the deal and therfore the use is unauthorized.

He explained in his podcast that when he said using adblock was piracy he did not mean it was necissarily criminal or immoral.

He means piracy in the sense of:

the unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work.

i.e. if there is an implicit (and sometimes explcit) agreement to watch adverts when you consume a lot of internet content.

He is clearly not anti-piracy as he has made videos explaining how to set up a pi-hole (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBXTnrD_Zs4&t=864s). He just decided an a particular defintion for the word piracy.

I think seahorses comment is an art form

A feature of satire is strong irony or sarcasm —“in satire, irony is militant”, according to literary critic Northrop Frye—[2] but parody, burlesque, exaggeration,[3] juxtaposition, comparison, analogy, and double entendre are all frequently used in satirical speech and writing.

I think seahorse was being ironic/sarcastic

Larry Tesler, inventor of the cut, copy, and paste commands, dies at 74

I like to use Lemmy though a browser on mobile, the interface is good (especially compared to reddit) but I think the buttons could be changed a bit to make it better.

I think it might improve the mobile UI to have all buttons at the bottom (sort of like in lemmur):

Buttons that I think would be useful at the bottom:

  • Home (like in lemmur)
  • Communities (like in lemmur)
  • Search (like in lemmur)
  • Profile (like in lemmur)
  • Notifications
  • Create post
  • Sort

Are you going to wait until all hexbear features have been added to Lemmy before moving or do you think you will move over before that point? Any idea how long this will take?

Thanks for the contributions by the way!

The only way to stop an illness with a gun is a doctor with a gun

Fairphone seems to be the best repairable phone. Although my current phone still has a few years in it.

Framework seems to be the best repairable laptop. I have ordered one and it should come in February ☺️

The most success I ever had was counting calories with the myfitnesspal app.

Yeah same lol. This article does a good job of being convincing though

I would like to see more federation if possible. Would it be possible to add seeing Plemora/Mastadon posts on Lemmy? Also it would be cool to federate with pixelfed if possible.

Sounds like you need to prioritise what you read. Bookmark something you think might be interesting, when you have some free time you can read the things you find most important.

Yes, you can also change your settings so that it shows ‘all’ by default

Those services do exist but I wouldn’t pay for it.

I really don’t like the idea of someone profiting of someone else’s work. At least if you pay for a streamung service some money will reach the creators.

Not using a seatbelt will still increase the chance that you are injured. This will put a burden on society.

Asking your estate to pay is useless if you have no money, insurance claims can reach the millions which most people can not afford. Pedestrians and cyclists aren’t and should not need to be insured.

If you don’t wear seatbelts you can hurt other people in the car.

If you don’t have vehicle insurance and you injur someone they won’t have any payout on top of being injured.

r/antiwork is planning a general strike for black friday
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/88552 > HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE? > - Spread the word! > - Call in sick if you are forced to work on Black Friday spend time with your family instead > - Remain at home and participate in your favorite activity on Friday, November 26 2021 > - Talk to family and friends about your work/life struggles > - Pass out flyers > - Join /r/antiwork > - Join /r/blackfridayblackout

This is awesome! Thank you for your hard work

What is UI bloat? Complex UI’s?

  1. Hardware problems/poor drivers: Linux runs well on some devices and not so well.on others. It is largely up to the manufacturer to make drivers so this will improve if manufacturers want to support Linux.

  2. Software availability: Projects like nix, app image and flathub try to fix this by providing a way developers can package their app so that it can be used on all distros. As far as I can tell:

    • Snap is centralised around canonical.
    • flathub doesn’t seem to have a huge amount of apps packaged yet (at least compared to nix or the aur).
    • App image doesn’t really have an easy way to manage all your different packages/update apps. It is useful though because it lets you install an app by simply downloading a file.

As far as I can tell nix is the best option long term but it doesn’t have a simple gui yet/at the moment. Although there is one being worked on.

There are quiet clear foreign policy differences between Obama and Trump.

Obama approached Iran diplomatically, Trump bombed a general, probably trying to start a war.

Under Obama US military was in Kurdistan, which prevented Turkey from attacking. Trump removed the troops just as Turkey was gearing up to attack.

Edit: Also Obama removed the blockade on Cuba. Trump resumed the blockade on Cuba.

Movie: In Bruges

TV show: Succession

Google can do this because they are incredibly profitable while selling very little physical product. This means it is relatively cheap to offset their emissions.

imo the UI feels much cleaner than the new reddit UI and much more modern that the old reddit UI. I would like to be see some kind of compact mode though, especially for mobile.

The next Reddit controversy is scheduled for a few months time, so around then I would think.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/81065 > Linus (from Linus Tech Tips) has invested in Framework despite the potential for a conflict of interest.

According to [this](https://www.sciencealert.com/physicists-achieve-record-high-efficiency-in-key-nuclear-fusion-process) the record in 2016 was 7%.