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Never claimed that the Chinese are that far behind but they just don’t have the same production capabilities as Taiwan or Korea. That might change in a few years tho.

And I guess losing access to modern production facilities in Taiwan ain’t no biggie for the Russians as they plan to produce their own 28nm chips by 2030 (28nm was introduced in 2011 btw) so maybe I’ll game on a Russian CPU by 2055 lol.

First, producing silicone monocrystals does not equal the ability to produce modern chips. The only somewhat significant semiconductor producer from Russia, Mikron Group, announced in 2020 that they would start using the 65nm process, a process that has been available since 2005.

So the biggest domestic manufacturer is 15-20 years behind the West and mainland Chinese manufacturers have a global market share of 8% compared to Taiwan’s 66% (and American lap dog Korea with 17%).

Sorry to break it to you buddy but its not looking good for the Russians

Thanks for confirming my suspicion. Well that’s too bad because manually blocking tens of subs becomes very annoying very fast the way it is currently implemented

Ideally: Topple your government and become a based degrowth socialist society that also invest into adaptation

More realistically: Learn, exercise and grow your network of likeminded family and friends so you have a community to fall back on if times get tough.

Edit: Also this

I won’t support vietnamese slander. they make the sickest soups

Thanks for the research. Not much we can do til mods/admins come online I guess

I am a lurker on this forum and have been for a few months. I kindly ask you to fuck off and stop creating alt accounts. No one wants to listen to your cult bullshit here.

I agree! We should try to change the narrative towards a more constructive angle, talking about what makes lemmy unique.

This sticker was made shortly after I joined lemmy and wanted to start some kind of guerilla ad campaign where lemmy users could print out stickers and posters and market lemmy in their city or area. But life happened and other things became a little bit more important for the time being so I just decided to release the best sticker design

SVGs are available but they are on my other computer. Will attach the files to this post and ping you tommorrow ;)

I could certainly do a version without mentioning reddit. Do you maybe have an idea for an alternative slogan?

![light design]( ![dark design]( EDIT: SVG files linked below: [dark sticker]( [light sticker](

what about “fed up!”?

we are fed up with popular social media and we also want to “up” the fediverse

EDIT: I actually had a similar idea to OP a few months ago and I already created ! but I got sidetracked by IRL things. I would be glad to give someone else a mod role if anyone is interested

Disclaimer: I don’t know about the threads posted about. Maybe they were really against the rules…

And of course it is possible to set up your own category or instance but i think it would maybe be worthwile to have a discussion about these topics, especially if someone makes the effort to do a post explaining their position. We shouldn’t just tell everyone who might have problems with the moderation of a sub to “just set up your own instance”.

Thanks for developing this! I will make sure to test the app and report bugs that I might encounter.

Sounds like a cool idea! Maybe a chat room like a discord or matrix might be a good idea so people can directly talk to others who might be looking for new friends.

Is the fediverse healthy?
Hey, I am relatively new to the federated web and I only use lemmy currently. But I love the idea of an alternative social web ecosystem that is not ruled by big corporations. To see how the fediverse has developed in 2020 I decided to look into the stats (stats go from 2nd January 2020 til today) over at []( *** **No. of nodes:** 6043 --> 7849 (+29.9%) **Users per Node:** 817 --> 840 (+2.8%) **No. of users:** 3,597,652 --> 4,153,555 (+15.5%) **Active users (6 Months):** 1,348,965 --> 1,175,150 **(*-12.9%*)** **Active users (1 Month):** 476,457 --> 432,75 **(*-9.2%*)** **Active users ratio:** 0.132 --> 0.104 **(*-21.2%*)** *** So before I say something about these numbers I want to warn you that these numbers are not the really correct because not all instances of the fediverse are not correctly listed in these statistics. This might be for a variety of reasons but I guess most of the unlisted instances just want to stay under the radar. However, I still think that these stats can give us an indication how things are going in the federation. If we look solely at the number of nodes (+30%) and registered users (+15.5%) we can see that these numbers have risen within the last year. It might not be incredible growth that indicates mainstream adoption but I think it is nothing to be concerned about. However, if we look at the active user stats we can see that activity activity has steadily decreased over the year. It seems like we have lost roughly 13% of active users within this year. Tbh I don't really know how to judge these numbers as I am pretty new to all of this. So I wanted to ask the users who have been here longer and might even use several federated services. Did you notice a decrease in activity? Is the fediverse healthy? If not, what might be the reason that the active user stats are on a downwards trend and how might we be able to change this?