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What are the biggest difficulties when making ActivityPub software compatible/federated with each other? And why?
There are some Fediverse services which are incompatible or don't work that perfectly with each other (e.g. Lemmy on Mastodon). So I was curious on why that could be a problem with ActivityPub compatible software in general. I mean, apparently just implementing ActivityPub may not be enough. And if there are some Lemmy devs reading, what are some technical difficulties for Lemmy on that regard? Thank you for making this awesome piece of software btw!

Data such as email adresses, IP adresses, date of birth, usernames and others were leaked in this data breach. This happened a couple months ago, but I've only found out about it now because [Firefox Monitor](https://monitor.firefox.com/) notified me about it. Thankfully I used Deezer only some years ago for a short time.

In my experience (or at least on my social circle), the implementation of this system wouldn’t do jack. No one would want to pay an additional fee for simply sharing a damn account. They would still keep sharing it freely, since there really is no reason whatsoever to pay for such a thing.

Though I should point out that here is a third-world country, and if many people can’t or barely can afford the lowest SD resolution plan monthly, there would be even less people who would pay a little extra to just share an account.

This policy is so obviously ridiculous.

Yeah, when I wrote the question I totally forgot religions existed. I was thinking more of something like Capital or 1984.

What do you think about Yofukashi no Uta?
I liked the visuals and especially the music (the ending is a banger). The story is just okay though. What's your opinion on the show?

For a second there I thought the article was talking about heavy metal music. Then I got sad as I remembered reality is not that cool. The news’ still cool though.

sure, this would work with Lemmy since that aren’t that many posts, so even if there’s something low quality it doesn’t override the amount of good content

but how would posts filtering work when a community or even Lemmy itself becomes big enough so that there’s more low quality posts then those that would normally stand out more?

I would personally hate it, since it would be hard to see actual good and interesting posts I’d actually like seeing.

just sort any big subreddit by new and you see it’s difficult too find any interesting content right away

maybe the solution would be highlight posts with more comments? though it would work, it would obfuscate interesting posts that don’t need or get as many discussion in the content and it would highlight controversial posts

Google has been DDoSing SourceHut for over a year
Is anyone surprised Google doesn't even try to fix issues that are damaging its users?

You’re absolutely right.

I do agree that the vast majority of distributions made for daily use uses the GNU Core Utils (hard to use most popular software without glibc).

But I’d like to remember that there are more than a handful of Linux distributions we use everyday while forgetting they don’t use GNU Software at all.

Take for example Android or distributions used in server/embedded systems like Alpine Linux. The kernel and the Unix-like environment is the core reason people remember them as Linux and not Bionic, BusyBox or musl.

You are still completely right when talking about casual desktop Linux, which the majority of discussions about “Linux” focuses on.

Damn, I want GNU Hurd to be s table soon so I could flex about my GNU system.

Perhaps we could create a c/GNU community?

tf it was just a joke why are you taking this so seriously

multiple personalities is not a joke dude.

maybe it’s multiple personalities lol

FOSS GIF search engine
Is there any FOSS alternative to something like Giphy or Tenor? Or even a keyboard that embeds a GIF search engine? I tried looking on alternativeto.net, but it doesn't seem to have any FOSS alternative. If it doesn't exists, I'd say it's time to make one!

I’ll always consider myself a citizen from Planet Earth first than brazilian. The world is everybody’s home.

There’s absolutely no need for such bureaucracies that make immigration so difficult, it only divides people.

I’ll always consider myself a citizen from Planet Earth first than brazilian. The world is everybody’s home.

There’s absolutely no need for such bureaucracies that make immigration so difficult, it only divides people.

I second this!

Não esperava encontrar um brasileiro no Lemmy tão cedo kk

Seems like an awesome and useful idea! Have not heard of any project of the kind. Would surely love to contribute if you start

I just bookmark it or even set it up and then never touch it again, just because I’m lazy or not interested anymore

kdenlive, a great open-source video editor. The best in my opinion.

This one’s a Brazil exclusive!

ffs my country is a fucking joke

Movie: A Silent Voice, still my favorite anime of all time

Show: Breaking Bad, hard to beat it

1urte bat

Thanks for the recommendations and advice! Even though I still don’t have an actual good substitute to Lucky Patcher :(

And I fortunately already knew about the ads use in app description on Google Play and F-Droid (almost exclusively using it and ditching Google Play now!), I’m happy to be able to say that little by little I’m detaching from proprietary software on everything I can!

And I will try harder to look for apps with no ads rather than with from now on. Again, thanks!

1urte bat

Damn. Didn’t knew all of that, thanks for the information!

I don’t modify the apk of any app, just the ones that I know certain features aren’t necessary and I know that the devs aren’t being hurt if I’m doing it (i.e. big tech apps). And I am careful of which apps I modify, if there’s probably checking for unauthorized modifications or if certain modifications will break the app altogether.

Since there’s all these spooky stuff about Lucky Patcher, I did try out Blokada, and I found it very nice! Only thing that didn’t work out for me was that it still doesn’t substitutes Lucky Patcher, since I used it mainly for modifying other in-app features (nothing unethical lol). And the fact that Blokada has to run on the background while in use, when I could just modify one thing and reinstall the apk and never bother to keep Lucky Patcher open.

Could you perhaps recommend me other FOSS app which modifies an app’s internal features just like Lucky Patcher?