People saying “Monero” - How is Monero a store of value if its price is volatile? The whole “Store of value” argument is nonsense
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I don’t worry about the DXY when transacting in dollars. The exchange-value isn’t what I’m after. I’m after the hardest, best money.
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All currencies are volatile. Your dollar or euro today does not have the same value it had yesterday, or will have tomorrow. Currencies are merely commodities that have no utility in their own right beyond their fungibility.

Often, your dollar or your euro fluctuates in value due to any number of manipulations that various actors (both government and private) perform. Monero should be more resistant to that.

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How is Monero a store of value if its price is volatile?

How is Fiat money a store of value if its price is volatile?

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In fact it isn’t only nonsense it is actively harmful.

There is a long paper trail of monetary theory that only because money is a “superior” trade good compared to anything else, the horrible excesses of capitalism could develop in they way they did.

Edit: I have the feeling people fail to understand this comment ;)

Maybe attempt to expand upon it then. So that more people might come to understand it.

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