My biggest pet peeve is when someone spells though as tho.

32 urte

y doe

2 urte

y tho.

Also that one in particular would just be the word’s phonetic spelling. Compared to other languages, english has never cleaned up its spelling, phonetics, etc. Its a language of pure cruft and I support ppl shortening it.

It would be a disaster to clean up the spelling or phonetics, it’s something really hard that will most probably end up making everything worse, I think it’s better to make society change the language alone.

You should try reading Irish. It’s so much worse.

oh man I remember how I felt after I found out aghaidh was pronounced like “ai”.

that being said tho (sorry, couldn’t resist ;) irish phonology is wayy more regular than English it’s just a removed to learn coming from English letters because it’s hard not to think of them as standing in for another sound.

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