This month brings news that many of you have been waiting years for – we’re introducing the PineNote, a high-end e-ink device based on the powerful Quartz64 single board computer. But the good news…
9urte bat

Oh wow, that could be a really interesting alternative to the reMarkable.
7urte bat

HOLY Beep!!! I absolutely love pine 64. This is something I have wanted for a long time. An open source e-reader.

Last year I finally broke down and bought a Kobo. Its much better than the kindle for me and it has worked out great, but I didn’t realize that it was tied in with Walmart.

So you can give all your information to Amazon for a Kindle or Walmart for a Kobo. Thank God for a pine64 alternative. I can’t wait!

Sr Estegosaurio
6urte bat

I love Pine64, bc when I first knew about them they only had like the SBC and just that. But in no time they have now: laptops, smartwachts, smartphones etc etc etc… I will love to see this company evolving even more
6urte bat

How are they able to keep releasing new products when their existing ones aren’t even in stock?

8urte bat

You also have to mind that certain hardware components needed for certain products may not be available for one reason or another, even though all the hardware components for another product may be available.

Like, imagine the phone antenna supplier wasn’t able to secure enough resources, or they had a machine break down or whatever. Then they can’t produce the PinePhone, but could produce the PineNote just fine.
Even if they brought out a PinePhone XL or something, that would probably have a different phone antenna, probably a different phone antenna supplier, and might still be producible independently.

That happens often in the hardware business, it’s just more obvious here, because they produce pretty much on-demand and in relatively small batches, so their suppliers can’t either build up a supply chain with lots of fallbacks.

The people developing the products aren’t the suppliers

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