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Rotten Tomatoes is a commercial product and is owned by the major US media conglomerates. We’re looking for an open source alternative.

We should be wary of feature creep. Lemmy is a link aggregator, that’s it. I don’t see why lemmy should also have a chat feature. If you want to have a discussion outside of lemmy in a traditional chatroom, then just use Matrix/Discord/XMPP/etc.

Some associations and cooperatives offer email accounts as a free trial. If you live in France, you can get almost all your Internet services provided by associations/cooperatives: https://chatons.org/. This has the benefit of you being a “member” and not “customer”/“client” of the organisation, but this means you have to pay a yearly subscription

Either GAFA agrees to store user-data in the countries in where they’re gathered or they’re banned from operating those countries, regardless of the fact that a blanket ban is an attack on “freedom of expression”

One of my CS professors is a open-source advocate, he has a GNU Project sticker on his laptop, so I think he understands the situation

My university is going to set up a Mattermost service because every major and student club is using Discord, even some classes are using it, which is a shame. What also really bothers me is that since the crisis began a year ago, we’re still using Blackboard Collaborate which is proprietary, I don’t see why we don’t use BigBlueButton

I like a European union, but I don’t like the European Union.

For Imgur, there’s Pixelfed (for a traditional image-hosting website) or IPFS (where you can host/pin any file).

Bear in mind, that deleting accounts in Big Tech won’t destroy the data that you’ve already given them…

Use the search engine of your choice to find the video you want to watch, then use mpv or vlc to watch it by running one of these players using the video link as an argument.

Try this: $ mpv https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1np4y1r73P

Don’t forget YaCy, a libre decentralised search engine, I think that’s the most important project of all. Just understand how much trust we put on search engines then realise how dangerous they are if proprietary