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I meant the block button only appears when logged out sorry

block community button only appears when logged out?
for some reason the block community button only appears if im logged in and the hamburger menu on posts in the homepage doesnt open anything

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the dev doesnt seem to be active anywhere. they havent replied to telegram messages a couple months after the war began and they live in russia iirc

the subject from mastadon can be handled by making it whatever is in the first sentence\paragraph. making anything after a line break become the body of the post

Watermarking factual footage in a way that people can verify metadata would also be an interesting tool for journalism to be able to focus on evidence to improve confidence of facts. Taiwan fights misinformation by having easily available tools people can use to verify information and focus on improving critical thinking of the people. fighting the infodemic and pandemic without takedowns and lockdowns seems to be the best approach. Tools that prevent people getting tricked by disinformation and verifying information for the infoedmic and improving clean air with things like CR boxes and c02 sensors and clean air regulation for the pandemic.

im just wondering why lemmy isnt available without tor? Do ISPs in france block Lemmy?

How do you get banned from Reddit 5 times?

Why doesn’t the .ml instance with in France without tor?

The issue comes from the authoritarians who think their authorianism is great because its done under a flag they like.

i.e. people will completely deny uyghur genocide happening, or the fact the Putin is fascist as fuck and has been running a christian nationalist regime for decades.

Its obvious their beliefs dont come from love of their people like the Black Panthers focused on. Their beliefs comes from hate so anything that makes the countries that are anti-west look bad they will deny or try to spin it and say its actually a good thing.

They essentially run from one oppressor to another instead of understanding all the superpowers are run by people who dont care about the citizens. Nuance and compassion are important but instead they want to believe everything anything remotely anti-west is good and true and anything else is propaganda. Theyre like average redditors who will complain about tiktok being spyware because it’s a company from China and should be deleted while seeing no problem with Google’s spyware OS and apps.

I’m surprised it’s not ARM based. It’s wild that apple is the only company moving fully forward with ARM on their computers considering the heat benefits and incredible performance of their m series chips

Do votes from instances that aren’t federated with your instance still affect the score on posts you do federate with?
For example, if im on an instance that only federates with instances in an allowlist can someone create an instance of bots to downvote things in the lemmy.ml instance and affect the score of the lemmy.ml posts that users on my instance can see? I’m interested in learning how lemmy prevents vote brigading from instances that might be made with malicious intent

Starlink is another grift by Elon to continue his ponzi practices of pushing some grand future promise to get suckers to invest in his shit instead of investing in public goods. heres a thread on how much of a mess starlink actually is https://twitter.com/rdrimmel/status/1563158073694310401

governments should be forcing companies to build fiber with all the public funding they’ve been spending on corporate bonuses

But it appeared on mastodon like a normal mastodon post without the need to search for it? Ive never seen that before

How did you make this post also appear on mastodon and mastodon replies appear in this thread?

hopefully next is public systems go open source \ agpl

Ah damn it was posted on the peertube github by someone on their team but i guess they were confused. Thanks for opening an issue for it

Is there any noticeable benefit to the end user from not having systemd though?

If you can find documentation on how they do it I would appreciate you sharing it so we can show to the lemmy devs to simplify their work if they decide to implement it.

Banchan is an online co-op that makes it easy to accept commissions for art. They have a focus on making it simple and safe with the bonus of acting as an escrow which allows you protect your identity which is a great feature for trans artists not wanting to share their bank info attached to their deadname. This is a pretty good complement to using https://comradery.co for recurring payments. These platforms and the fediverse becoming more and more used really gives me hope for worker owned online and offline spaces.

Im not calling communists fascists I’m saying the people supporting the Z army’s are supporting fascists. Just like id call christian friends who support their priest after theyve been caught raping children as supporting rapists.

we dont need daily reminders about protons “offers”…

weird that you think ukraine should just accept “swift victory” by the fascist Z army but dont think cuba should just accept “swift victory” by the US or Palestine by Israel etc…

none of the countries should accept “swift victory” by those invading and trying to commit genocide against them. You should unequivocally stand against imperialism but you dont because right now the ones invading wave a flag you like.

sounds like a great way to have lemmy overun with spam and fascist propaganda…

no one on any instance is cheering on anything the US does especially not its occupation or invasion of any country…

I think lemmy should be the default because its where the developers are, and its users are pro-anarchist and pro-communist. but it should stop federating with lemmygrad because of the constant admiration for fascists (they dont support fascism in general but they do support fascists as long as they see them as “anti-west”)

What do you think of including a translation feature on lemmy if we can figure out a privacy respecting way to do it?
I think it would be great to be able to click a button on a comment\post and have it translate to your language. I think its possible to build a way to include this in a privacy respecting way (im not a coder so forgive my ignorance) if we use something like the google translate scraper that is used for this privacy respecting google translate frontend https://github.com/thedaviddelta/lingva-translate Making it easier for people to communicate across languages would be pretty sweet for the fediverse.

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no se nada de “faircoins” pero debes de saber que 99.9% de criptomonedas son scams con nada de valor real. incluyendo bitcoin ahora que los “Venture Capitalists” basicamente lo controla y no quieren nada de inovacion si no les gana mucho dinero. El unico valor de las monedas en mi opinion son para “micro-transactions” para poder mandarle alguien como 1 peso directamente envede de un “like” pero ningun servicio tiene esta posiblidad que sirve bien todavia. Creo que monedas stable como USDC en el blockchain Polygon se puede usar asi pero hasta que Ethereum se cambie a Proof of Stake no vale la gana en mi opinion. DAOs tambien son interesante para crear un govierno entre una comunidad pero 99.9% de los DAOs tambien son scams.

por ahora las unica monedas de privicidad buena son Monero y creo que Oxen pero nadie lo usan porque no tenemos la necesidad de usarlas por ahora. Pero cuando Sur America decide de descolonizar de EEUU talves van ser necesario.

I want users to be able to block instances from all unless subscribed to.

Did you read the post? Or any of my comments in the thread? They constantly support the Z army and their invasion of ukraine. The current government of Russia ticks every box in the definition of Fascism, outlaws being gay, decriminalized domestic abuse, and funds far-right and christian nationalist fascists around the world like the US did to Latin American countries dozens of times.

I’m saying it should probably be against lemmy TOS to brigade other websites

tech/privacy is political. if you don’t understand that you’re probably too privileged to notice or care.

just wants its borders left alone

so it invades another country, and promotes insane nationalism where supporters spray paint their Zwastika on homes of people who are against the war… Russia’s ruled by a government that made it illegal to be gay in public, essentially decriminalizes domestic abuse against women, and funds far right nationalist around the world (like the U.S. did to ruin almost every Latin American country in the past). If you had any friends living in Russia you’d know its currently ruled by dictator who promotes far right christian nationalism even if you didn’t believe all the “CIA propaganda” from western outlets.

look at how much lemmygrad defends and promotes fascism via supporting the Z army\war etc. it’s a pro-fascist and anti-anarchist instance that isn’t blocked and is taking over the all section with their pro-fascist propaganda.

that is not a solution. the main mastodon instance didnt continue to federate with gab etc and tell people to change instances. because the default instance shouldn’t federate with pro-fascist instances. We shouldn’t federate with them by default and if lemmy.ml is deadset on federating with them because they hide their fascism under a communist flag users should atleast be able to block the instance

they also have a community dedicated to brigading other websites which seems like it should violate TOS if it werent for all the stars on their instance it would be difficult to tell them apart from a MAGA forum

Users need an option to block instances
browsing through All has so much pro-fascist posts coming from lemmygrad that it drowns out all the other instances. I'm surprised they're even federated by default but we should have an option to block instances from All if lemmy is deadset on federating with them just because they are fascists with a red and yellow flag... (before the Tankies start posting about how they aren't pro-fascism "Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy" which all describe the Z movement in Russia they gleefully support in multiple posts)

are they recursive?


AppBrowser.com - see what JavaScript commands get injected through an in-app browser on ios
This is a pretty convenient way to check how snoopy the different in-app browser are. Seems like Facebook and TikTok are pretty damn invasive. I hope this makes Apple enforce privacy in the in-app browsers somehow since I'm guessing Facebook and TikTok will just update their code so this can't be checked anymore instead of ensuring their users privacy\security.
AppBrowser.com - see what JavaScript commands get injected through an in-app browser on ios

Does lemmy get crawled by search engines?
Whenever I want to find useful information on something i search the thing and add "reddit" to the end of my search. I would love to be able to do that with lemmy but currently it seems like nothing on lemmy gets picked up by google.

Nutshell is a really useful way to embed information from other websites in a convenient way. It works sorta like those hover boxes on wikipedia allowing you to learn more about a related subject without leaving the current thing you're reading. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/8acf5e6a-3247-430d-8af2-09bd2bed668e.png) For those of you who don't know, Nicky Case releases really interesting interactive things that are Open Source and CC0. A project you've likely seen in the past was this project called [:the game:](https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/467574) that was extremely popular on Newgrounds back in the day. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/294d4e72-52f6-4ef9-824b-510b5d515da6.png) or this game called [We Become What We Behold](https://ncase.itch.io/wbwwb) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/f1c395c5-da07-4b2a-8946-3c20883cbbdd.png) heres a link to their projects https://ncase.me/ they're all really thought provoking and made to help you learn about things in an interactive and entertaining way. They also write really well thought out blog posts, here's my favorite post they made that's called [Evolution not Revolution ](https://blog.ncase.me/evolution-not-revolution/ ) and talks about how so many uprising and revolutions that were "successful" led to the current authoritarians being replaced with another set of authoritarians with no progress for the people actually being made.

Stackoverflow is one of the most useful websites online imo and I think it would be great to be able to mark comments as the one that solved your issue and also have the ability to "follow" a post and/or comment thread so you get notifications on updates to a post or comment you didn't post.

Is there a way to block seeing posts in certain communities?
It's very difficult to want to keep coming back to lemmy with so many communities I'm not interested being on my homepage. I want to be able to discover new communities and posts but have the ability to block certain communities I never want to see

Could blocking\hiding communities become a feature?
I want to browse Local\All to discover new content\communities I don't know exist but some communities (like memes) I know I don't want to see so It'd be helpful to be able to "block" them so I don't see them on Local\All. EDIT: I opened an issue on github since that seems to be a more appropriate place to post it. Should I keep this post on lemmy open or delete it? Here's the github issue https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1339