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you can’t fuck up the past but you can still change the future

Lemmy could be compared to the comment section on news sites or YouTube, with the added advantage of allowing for more interaction between users in threads that are more structured

Quillnote, though syncing functionality is still experimental

I sure miss the good times, but not to forget there were plenty of bad times, too

Also, one might look into Sourcehut (sr.ht)

Something like a stone on the ground can perhaps be ignorant, everything else not so much

Showing respect for someone you respected during their lifetime should be self-evident

Let’s just say it’s easier to develop feelings for someone you feel close to than for someone you don’t like

Agreed, a bad thing doesn’t have to make a good thing bad

Minimum should be the absolute minimum, going lower defeats the purpose of having a minimum in the first place

Next time I see a soccer ball (or anything that looks kickable), I’ll make sure to “test” it first

It’s no use to starve when you get cravings later that lead to binge eating. Balance is the key to a good diet

Everyone who’s lucky enough to live in a place with potable tap water should drink that whenever possible! Also, you can just bring a bottle & refill it anywhere

Better to abort a baby for traits you don’t like than to treat it badly because of those traits later.

As long as you select for health traits and not aesthetical or others, it should be fine

Thunderbird’s filtering functionality is superior to Outlook’s, excited to see even more improvement of the various features in the future

How to share confidential information?
I'm using Signal, but after I found out that it's not as privacy-friendly as it claims, I'm uneasy about sharing my address there. I trust the person who asked for my address, but not the service. What's a safe way to share? I was thinking of something like a self-destructing pastebin, but surely you have better ideas.

Toki Pona / English Dictionary (Gemini link)
"A simple dictionary for everyone's favorite conlang ;) The dictionary is a simple word lookup and does not provide results for compounds. So the word car, in english, will not be found in toki pona because you would be required to speak multiple toki pona words to express the idea. Both searched _do_ support multiple words being searched for: separate the words with spaces."