Arthur Besse
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When I saw this headline I couldn’t help but wonder if this might be related to that blackmail thing back in March… but sadly from how not-comprehensive it is, it clearly isn’t.

  • Only Turing (their microarchitecture introduced in late 2018) and newer GPUs will be supported by this open-source kernel driver, because it uses their new new “GPU System Processor (GSP)” architecture which involves loading binary firmware (which they aren’t opening the source for) on the GPU at runtime.

  • NVIDIA’s user-space libraries and OpenGL / Vulkan / OpenCL / CUDA drivers remain closed-source.

Having the kernel module be open source (and maybe one day accepted in mainline) will certainly make life easier for some people (especially nvidia engineers), but from the security, privacy, and philosophical standpoints, this doesn’t really change much.


🖕 Nvidia


Better late than never

1urte bat

It was time

Dude finally! Thats awesome to hear

Helix 🧬
8urte bat

No way! Maybe Linus can finally retract his middle finger? It must hurt after all those years…

Sr Estegosaurio
4urte bat

That means that in the near future it may be possible to use the nvidia drivers on a musl system?
8urte bat

Finally, some good news!

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