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No more drama pls 😞 be kind to each other :'), you want to say something about this?

I’m not trying to confuse people. I’m trying to figure out a better name, and thought ‘better world news’ would distinguish from world news while also implying that it is an alternative to world news. I don’t see why anyone would be mad or how I’ve done anything wrong.

I had to change last time because a lot of drama, I feel like I can’t really do anything without it becoming big drama by joker. It’s very annoying to be honest. I haven’t done anything for a long time now.

Right now I feel there is just litterally a vendetta and that I am brought up for no reason at all for anything I do. Every little thing is like gone through at the last detail hpoing to find anything to ban me for. I think people have to start evaluating how they are acting and that if people want less drama this stuff needs to be cut. I’ve quite literally stayed out of anything and just apologised for being notised
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Victimisation ✅

Creating chaos subliminally ✅

Let me give you names that sound just fine for what you post there: Alt World News, Liberal World News, Liberal News

And it is you who clashes stones to create sparks. Do not scream when fire gets created and catches on. No community creator on Lemmy has done things you have, to date.

You are spreading a conspiracy theory “I feel there is just litterally a vendetta” against me, when I am simply highlighting your suspicious activities. I could not care less about your politics until you start spreading that to others, so expect counter arguments.

Who downvoted this post instantaneously the minute it popped up, and who downvotes my other posts when you wake up after GMT +1?

Edit: thanks for proving my point about your instantaneous downvoting, took 53 seconds

Would the both of you grow the fuck up and move on with your lives already?

Discussions are common in relationships.
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Can you be a bit more resilient and bothered about internet forum ethics instead of playing boomer diplomacy games?

Deceptive yes, but I’m honestly not sure if this even breaks the rules.

By the way, username mentions don’t seem to be working in posts. I didn’t get a notification. Might want to do it in comments.
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There needs to be some rules around community moderators as well, not just for user activity. This is going to create problems, and the above is clearly an example of trolling the community, knowingly.

I do agree that deceptive community naming should be against the rules, unless it’s very obviously a joke and isn’t doing any harm (like /r/superbowl on Reddit actually being “superb owl”, a place to share pictures of owls).
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I think it should be up for discussion. Someone made anime_tiddies as a genuine alt of worldnews on Reddit, and that has no malicious or trolling intent. The above here is an example of trolling or malicious intent, because it has been done before twice as well.

First it was changed to World News, then Liberal World News, and now Better World News. And it confuses users with global feeds, since Lemmy has less users compared to Reddit. Reddit’s large userbase filters out small posts or communities until they grow or trend enough.

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