compared to lemmy

Reasons, why i absolute hate Reddit: The stupid mods, that remove your posts, bc they are “too new and that i need a certain amount of Karma to post in this subreddit” Ugh…

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Another good reason is the sheer quantity of bullshit you can read on Reddit. Most people talk, talk, and they really don’t know a shit of what they’re talking about. This is especially true on privacy subreddits, but I guess there are plenty of other subreddits that have the same issue. Here you see more genuine opinions, from more savy people.

Yet another argument is that Reddit is engineered to constantly catch your attention, with endless posts, mostly bullshit. When I was using that platform, before reading something really meaningful for me, I had to scroll hundreds of posts. I was completely throwing my time into a toilet made out of a useless stream of posts. On Lemmy, everything is slow. Discussions are more interesting, controversial opinions are not buried under dozens of downvotes.

Another good reason is the sheer quantity of bullshit you can read on Reddit. Most people talk, talk, and they really don’t know a shit of what they’re talking about.

That’s just a factor of the size of the site, though. If Lemmy gets big, even if it’s widely distributed, there’ll be large communities with tons of people, most of whom won’t know what they’re talking about.

Community-wise, you can do just fine on Reddit if you curate your subreddits carefully. (And I happen to think that Reddit’s interface is more conducive to useful discussion than many other places, like Facebook or web forums.)

IMHO, the biggest advantage of Lemmy over Reddit is the federation. I think Reddit gets a lot right, and those things plus federation might well make for my ideal link/discussion site.

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ITT other people still using uMatrix.

I recently moved to advanced mode in uBlock Origin, I kinda miss uMatrix but it’s not that bad I guess.
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This is wrong. eMatrix is an actively maintained fork on Pale Moon, which runs on Goanna engine based on ESR Firefox versions branched off.

eMatrix is superior in simplicity of usage to uBlock Origin, while withholding much more power of blocking separate elements. The latter becomes complex once you start reaching into XHR, CSS and iframe territory. On uMatrix forks you can accomplish this with any website or webpage with 2-3 clicks where this task would take 8-10 clicks.

What makes you use pale moon over more modern browsers?

I use hardened Firefox with firewalling and HOSTS rules on system.

Pale Moon is modern enough if I wanted to use it though, Goanna engine is a fork of Gecko.

oh okay
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If you do need to browse Reddit you can use Teddit, it is a FLOSS alternative front-end that does not require JavaScript.

Can I log in on that?
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libreddit too.

Are these just to browse? I couldn’t find the option to login.

If you want to log in, try Slide for Reddit on Android
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Yes, none of the other frontends have a login feature either, that would defeat the point.

It would be better to migrate threads or posts here.

I do enjoy the fact that Lemmy is federated as I feel like that is the solution long term, rather than placing hands in the power of a few people with other things like Reddit. Decentralization for the win! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
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100% +1

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Do new reddit too, I’m curious to see how much worse it is than even old reddit.

Do a load-time comparison on the lemmy repo. Also a cookie comparison and external content.
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Not the OP, but this is how it looks like on my machine:

Not much better.

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